Lady Laudanum / Press

“Lady Laudanum has an amazing voice, and songs deeply rooted in mysteria, I am grateful to have seen her first show”

“Your works are inspirational as much as your friendship. :) You're an amazing individual ”

Nyghtmare Promotions - myspace

“sadistic, I love it”

T.K. - facebook

“It's crazy-hypnotic-beautiful! (feedback on the track "Opium")”

Skyler B - facebook

“Jess, this is crazy! Meathook is amazing!!! Please tell me there is more stuff in the works.”

Chris Addams - facebook

“Your new song made me cream my panties with joy. Just sayin'... ”

Emily Rose - Myspace

“I like the new stuff, real feeling to these songs and sincerely sung lyrics ”

INSPIRE CHA - myspace