Lady Kat True Blue / Press

“Thank-you everyone for their prayers. Lady Kat hopes to have a speedy recovery, and she's well on her way as she continues her rehabilitation. Lady Kat had knee replacement surgery on December 11th, and had to put the Blues Jam on hold until she recovered enough to return to the Jam session.”

-Lady Kat's Sister Genora

“Maybe what you need is a good blues singer's name "We all should have blues singer names." "Lady Kat", who has a nickname that columnist Mikel Kelly might envy, croons some soulful blues as her bassist John Pounds and Backup singer Jeannette "Kid" Lopez add their personal touches at a recent festival held at the king Elementary School Park in Northeast Portland.”

"Lady Kat started singing in karaoke bars and has only recently been performing with live bands. Now she's a regular with Women in Blues, an all-female blues band. Although most would disagree, she says she doesn't have a great voice but makes up for it by believing what she sings about. She has been living on her own since she was 14 and says, "I've had some bumpy roads. 'I have the right to sing the blues.' Lady Kat and Women in Blues perform at 2:30 today at the Waterfront Blues Festival."

"Then came Lady Kat. New to the stage in the present form of reality, but if you're one of those that believe in reincarnation, Lady Kat has been here for many years. Her first appearance on a stage anywhere, anytime, she says was at last year’s Waterfront Blues Festival and she only started singing regularly with Hess last October. She rotates on one of the Thursdays at the Trail’s End and can also be seen with the NW Women in Blues on occasion. Hess already had the crowd’s total attention, but, like when Jim Carey lassoed the moon and brought it closer to earth in Bruce Almighty, Lady Kat’s soulful renditions of Pride and Joy and a unique version of I Just Want to Make Love to You drew the patrons’ complete attention to the stage. They finished up the set with an original that Hess had collaborated with Paulette Davis, Any Woman’s Blues. Again, it was enthralling, to say the least. Sonny Hess gets you there, Lady Kat pulls you in. (See Bandstand for upcoming dates.)"

“Waterfront Blues Festival 2003 "a special festival-long celebration of Women In Blues, women blues acts included Australia’s 2003 International Blues Challenge Winner Fiona Boyes, Portland’s Northwest Women in Blues featuring Sonny Hess, Kid Lopez, special guest Marianne Mayfield; and making her professional debut, LadyKat Trotter, the Linda Hornbuckle Band and Texas’ Ruthie Foster with Cyd Cassone, just to name a few."”

“..."While everyone is a star at Grandma’s, the real star is Karaoke DJ LadyKat Trotter... Trotter is a gifted blues and jazz vocalist. Often visitors will just to hear her sing. Her voice is mesmerizing, a mix of Aretha Franklin, Mahalia Jackson and Billie Holiday. Trotter has begun to reach beyond the Karaoke scene and into the music business. She won the 2002 Portland Star Search Competition and is in the process of cutting a demo CD. She’s hosted jam sessions with the Sinner’s Club Band and will begin appearing with Sonny Hess’ Women in Blues production this summer. Trotter states, Karaoke is where I got my start and I will always respect anyone who gets up to a mike and tries!” I’ve had many jobs that didn’t make me happy... I don’t believe I have a great voice, but I do believe I have a gift and I’m hoping it will help me reach my dream of being a live singer.” ...Sometimes she can be quite naughty too. And the crowd just LOVES THAT!”