Countess Williams / Press

“Lady you jam last night at the water hole..When is your one woman show?”

Blog - Renee

“I enjoyed you at B.L.U.E.S with ms peachez you are the it factor..”

Pat - loving it

“I was going through so much the night i got to see you perform for the first time..Thank you for singing "this is as close as i'll get to heaven..I reallly need to hear that..It was beautiufl..”

Keonia - Blessing

“Whenever you come to my town again...Let it be known your are a beautiful,talent and have a amazing show..Thank you for sharing”

Beverly Brown - Do your thang

“I saw you with killer ray at Legends.You torn the house down..I can't wait to see you in your one woman show..”

Carrie Jackson - Blues fan