LadyAneessa a.k.a. Anya Rose / Press

“Anya Rose, aka Lady Aneessa, is a charismatic artist whose sound falls somewhere in between the tight grooves of electronic music and the catchy hooks and universal appeal of pop songs. When it comes to electronic music, creativity is truly the key element: It’s not about what kind of gear you use to create your sounds, it’s all about the ideas, the attitude and the mindset, and Anya seems to embrace this concept fully: This young and talented producer set out to collaborate with a wide network of Djs and other artists all around the world, striving to deliver the hottest house tracks. Tracks like “Everybody” and “It’s On You”, remixed by Calectro, showcase a direct and in-your-face attitude, with powerful bass and crunchy snares, while the original versions expose a more melodic and colorful side of Anya’s work, highlighting her eclectic and kaleidoscopic approach when it comes to her music. ”

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“Hot, sultry Singer Songwriter producer Lady Aneessa teamed up with djs producers from all around the world to have the best of Club sounds Electro Pop House Music!! ”