Lacona / Press

“Lacona has put out some great songs…you will automatically be taken back in time to when people knew want it meant to experiment with music. These days everything is so cookie cutter that when a band like Lacona comes along it is nice to hear it”

All Ages Zine

“. . . its lush orchestral indie rock warrants a higher standing.”

The Onion AV

“Lacona play moody indie/post-punk with buzzing distortion and thumping, gothy drums. The sound is sparse yet surprisingly cacophonous and intriguing. The vox have a hipsterish, monotone Lou Reed quality, . . . vocal harmonies overlap in a soft yet unsettling way”

Read Junk

“President's Day", is a lush and fragmented country-ish folk-pop song with a nice, dusty farm sort of appeal…lovingly assembled with some ear-pleasing horns…"wet snow" - extremely catchy, warm pop mood. overall, this is a solid single -”


“.. such a pleasant surprise. These four songs showcase a willingness to explore and experiment that should be commended. . . . The band is able to show off their eclectic sound …beautiful melancholic folk… …a successful triumph for Lacona”

Sound as Language

“- imagine a red-blooded glam boner packed in to campy young-Eno briefs worn under indie-drab thrift-store jeans with gaze worthy shoes. ”

Chicago Reader

“... sprawls though folkish fields and winds through stretches of '80s-influenced melodic pop ... ... the strength of Lacona is in its listless lyrics, ... "Not Around" is hauntingly sparse while "President's Day" soars on Dylanesque wings. ”

"..'80s-tinged pop/rock, Lacona takes its sonic cues from the Cure, the Cars, and Radiohead. ...combination of apathetic lyrics, vocal harmonies, post-punk guitar muscle, and chilly keyboard atmospherics..."