Lacination (Official) / Press

"The future for LACINATION is to take our music and unleash it worldwide, take it to the next level and let the world hear our wrath and keep on making music that we want to and keep spreading Death Metal to the Masses!"

“I think and I have seen a lot of bands that have gone through changes because of the times and genres have change to make it more suitable, these bands have confirm to the change and for them if it works out, great...but for Lacination we have always been true to our form and we believe in it...”

“Extreme/Death Metal.... is in our roots and we feel comfortable with that style. We have incorporated many new styles of music over the years and used it with our own style but foremost we are a Death Metal Band..”

“We did not make this band to get any awards (how many death metal bands get awards anyway's?) But with that said, we greatly appreciate all the people here in San Antonio and Texas who voted for us because this award comes from the people and that is such an honor! With so many great talent here, it’s great to see that people understand what Lacination is all about!!”