Lach / Press

“4 stars, brilliant! Ramshackle Heart spotlights his talent for wired lyricism and unplugged rock'n'roll.”

Nicola Meighan - Mojo Magazine

“Speed-fuelled acidic wit, a shame he doesn't do this more often. Ramshackle Heart is as good as Lach gets!”

Andy Fyfe - Q

“Marries the off-beat wit of Jonathan Richman with the scattergun geek punk of The Violent Femmes. Ramshackle Heart is a lo-fi rootsy affair, where Dylan and the New York Dolls find common ground.”

"This album ('Ramshackle Heart') captures all that's best about the 'anti-folk' movement: a mix of beat aesthetic, punk attitude and smartass wit. Dangerously fun."

Nigel Williamson - Uncut