Lacey Mattison / Press

“One true sign of a good entertainer is a demostrative ease of diversity. This is to say, you can place them in any context, and they’ll do what entertainers are meant to do: They stun, they stand out, and they shine. This is a talent. This is something that can be fine-tuned and nurtured over the years, but it is not something that can be taught. It’s like they say: You either got it, kid, or you don’t. For local singer-songwriter Lacey Mattison, this is how her journey has been defined.”

“Reno's BEST albums of 2010: "#5. Nothing Like a Dame, "Nothing Like a Dame." Canary-voiced Lacey Mattison proved songwriting chops on solo recordings but with four hot players behind her, exuberant sensuality takes hold. A half-dozen spirited pop-rock-folk-jazz songs (all but one by Mattison, the other by bassist/singer Gia Torcaso), range from hormone-tickling to sweetly seducing. Available on iTunes. Hot track: "All Afternoon."”

"Nothing Like a Dame’s formidable live sets are raucous, amped up, booty shaking affairs."

Oliver Ex - Reno Tahoe Tonight

“Lacey Mattison bought a used guitar in 2001 and began playing open mics in town. Today, she's a musician to watch.”

Mark Earnest - Reno Magazine

“Lacey is very light hearted and free spirited. Her smile can light up an entire room. Her songs bring out that very energy.”

Reno Out Magazine