Colorado Bluegrass Music Society / Artist Roster

  • Steel Pennies
    Steel Pennies
  • Sweetwater String Band
    Sweetwater String Band
  • That Damn Sasquatch
    That Damn Sasquatch
  • The Acoustic Mining Company
    The Acoustic Mining C…
  • The Black Family String Band (previously Sam Black)
    The Black Family Stri…
  • The Coral Creek String Band
    The Coral Creek Strin…
  • The Lonesome Days
    The Lonesome Days
  • The Ransom Notes
    The Ransom Notes
  • The Road West
    The Road West
  • The Stanleytones
    The Stanleytones
  • The TuneFarmers
    The TuneFarmers
  • Thunder and Rain
    Thunder and Rain
  • Timber!
  • Weld County Ramblers
    Weld County Ramblers
  • Wild Mountain
    Wild Mountain
  • Woodshed Red
    Woodshed Red