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Los Angeles, CA


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Bio: **Rights Management Artists:
-Lewis Ray Cammaratta
-Carlos Arzate and the Kind Souls
-Robin Lane
-The Jolly Boys
-Loren Dircks & Gila Bend
-Bottles of Wine
-A Fall to Break
-Phantom Limbs

||| Bands with albums on Funzalo Records:
-THE COAL ME... See Full Bio

Recent Releases

  • Carry Your Own Water
    Lewis Ray Cammarata
    Carry Your Own Water
    Play Sample Song:
    Carry Your Own Water
  • Static Noise
    Brian Lopez
    Static Noise
    Play Sample Song:
    Mercury In Retrograde
  • Live at Mississippi Studios
    Tony Furtado
    Live at Mississippi Studios
    Play Sample Song:
    Golden (Broken)
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