KYRK / Press

“Mineth Music Group (MMG) artist KYRK releases his singles, Hands Up (Give Him Praise) and half Man, half Amazing world wide in 2012 and 2013. The highly anticipated debut single from one of today’s most talked about new artists who has yet to release an album is sure not to disappoint fans and critics alike.  The New EDM single release of “Chatter Box” by KYRK feat. Mr. Wood$ will be released on Feburary 10th worldwide. Packed with interesting breaks, tempo shifts and lead vocals, “Chatter Box,” beautifully showcases KYRKs’ pure, arresting vibe. KYRK pulsates with infectious, modern day, hip-hop and EDM influenced beats that perfectly complement his outstanding well grounded vocals, and it is this foundation in technique, creativity and God-given gift that is poised to situate this rising vessel as the one to watch on the Inspirational/EDM/Reggae scene.”

Kirk Ayton - Ground Breaking Sensation...