Kyle Wood / Press

"Having known Kyle and David (Holladay) from way back in the Crucial Smith days, I always knew that their potential was great...This new CD is making a Prophet out of me. Kyle has matured...into a deep well writer and a unique voice. The album smolders over a wide range of musical territory, and identifies Kyle as an artist to be reckoned with...Congratulations on a superb effort. I love that it's genre-less...and I love that the production is clean and crisp, but mostly I love that it cooks..."

Pat Flynn, guitarist, songwriter with New Grass Revival - private correspondence

"Kyle Wood has been a musical innovator for many years and already has a unique legacy in the bluegrass and acoustic music world. Now, he's taking the mandolin in a new direction by fusing it with pop and rock. The result is not only interesting, it's refreshing." Eric Brittingham/Cinderella - Double Platinum Hard Rock/Metal Bassist

Eric Brittingham, Cinderella - Private Correspondence - authorized quote

"Kyle Wood is an incredibly talented mandolin artiste'. His high lonesome vocals are electrifying! Here is a man who has the ability to transform a Beatles’ or a metal song into a totally unique interpretation. I can truly give Kyle my highest recommendation. Ya just got to hear him!" Ernie Winfrey, Nashville music legend and Paul McCartney & Wings’ engineer for the Nashville Sessions, 1974

Ernie Winfrey - Private Correspondence - authorized quote

““Kyle Wood's soulful,skybound vocals perfectly suit the band's energetic sound...Kyle Woods' lickety-split mandolin breaks will turn many heads, too....I know the members of Crucial Smith probably cringe every time their band is compared to New Grass Revival, but being compared favorably to one of the most accomplished and exciting musical acts of the last decade can't be a bad thing.” David McCarty, Flatpick.com”

David McCarty - Flatpick.com