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“Il padre suona il piano, la madre l’ukulele, la nonna insegnava canto, la figlia ha un debole per la batteria. Lui, Kyle Eastwood, primogenito del grande Clint, è un talento al contrabbasso. Perché non si vive di solo cinema”

“When you are the eldest son of one of the most iconic actors and directors in Hollywood, it is not a stretch to think that one can write his own ticket in an industry that is so fleeting and impossible for most. But that’s only if you want that life, which for the most part Kyle Eastwood has shunned.”

“That fans of Kyle Eastwood's modern jazz have his parents to thank for his love of the music is well-documented. More specifically, though, talking with Eastwood by phone recently made clear that music fans should be grateful that Clint Eastwood and his first wife, Maggie (Kyle's mother), never got into polkas. While admitting that he and his parents went through the usual teenage issues, Kyle (appearing Nov. 19 at Anthology in San Diego) said, "I didn't really rebel against the music they were listening to. I'm sure if they had been listening to Lawrence Welk, I would have ---- but they were listening to pretty hip music, so I got lucky in that respect." ”

“Bassist/composer Kyle Eastwood’s musical journey began on the Monterey Peninsula, continues in France, and has dazzled jazz buffs across the globe. Kyle has been living primarily in Paris for the past six years. He’s in the U.S. for several concerts, including a return to the Bay Area for a Yoshi’s San Francisco performance on Wednesday, Nov. 17 (Information: 415-655-5600; www.yoshis.com/sanfrancisco). His superb band features Alex Norris (trumpet), Jason Rigby (saxophone), Rick Germanson (piano, keys), and Joe Strasser (drums). Kyle grew up around Carmel and his musical fire was sparked by annual treks to the Monterey Jazz Festival with his jazz aficionado parents, Clint and Maggie Eastwood Over the years, at the festival, Kyle absorbed the performances of such legends as Buddy Rich, Louis Bellson, Count Basie, Stan Getz and Art Pepper. ”

“A Conversation with Kyle Eastwood Mike Ragogna: Kyle, I discovered your music in an interesting way. You recorded a cover of "Trouble Man" on your debut album From There To Here. Kyle Eastwood: Exactly. MR: Well, I was amazed by Joni Mitchell's hypnotic, soulful lead vocal when I first heard her perform it during the Yasgur's Farm "A Day In The Garden" concerts in '98. I searched for a recording of it and eventually bought From There To Here to get that track and wound up being impressed with the rest of your album. KE: Yeah, she's been doing it off and on since she recorded it with me. I saw her do it in New York at Madison Square Garden in the year after she did that record. We worked together on the album, she did the song with me. I had Vince Mendoza doing some orchestrations for a couple of tunes, so I think that's where she got the idea to do the following record, Both Sides Now with strings and the whole orchestra. ”

“One of the most compelling sets at Monterey 2010 was bassist Kyle Eastwood's Quintet. I've been listening to Clint's gifted son play for quite awhile and can report with pleasure that this dedicated young man has put it all together as an acoustic and electric bassist... and as a composer and band leader. He's also chosen great players. In particular drummer Joe Strasser is a Rolls Royce rhythm engine and trumpeter Jim Rotundi is one of the secret weapons on the jazz scene at present—though he's about to haunt the jazz world in Vienna (to which I say to Axel, who runs Jazzland there, to 'get ready').”

Monterrey Jazz Magazine

“Kyle is an assured but laid back front man, with a strong band. The confident horn section of Graeme Flowers (trumpet) and Graeme Blevins (sax) are a tight line up and killing soloists. With Martyn Kaine, understandably described as 'mind-blowing' by Nitin Sawnhey, on drums and Andrew McCormack, also seen on Friday night with Jason Yarde, attentive and imaginative on piano and Rhodes. Tracks from the album Metropolitain such as Samba de Paris, make it difficult to stay confined to your seat. The set also featured the wistful Song for You, a personal favourite of mine. Marrakech from the album Paris Blue had the fans in the audience cheering in anticipation.”

“May 30, 2010 My hols: Kyle Eastwood Shark dives in South Africa, escaping the tsunami and film shoots with his dad Eastwood - the musician definitely feels lucky Interview by Robert Ryan RECOMMEND? When I was growing up, my dad's schedule was always hectic, so my vacations often involved visiting him on film sets. I went to The Outlaw Josey Wales shoot, which sticks in my mind because he cast me as his son. I think I got 30 seconds of screen time before I got slaughtered. The other one I remember well is High Plains Drifter, which was filmed at Mono Lake, California, which is a salt lake in a caldera, a volcanic crater. It's a striking setting, but I remember it because I became really good friends with Billy Curtis, who was the midget in the film. I was only a kid, but he was only just over 4ft, so I guess I was nearer his level than most of the actors. ”

Robert Ryan - The Sunday Times

“Kyle Eastwood gets down to some great jazz business on METROPOLITAN and you’re going to love this one people. This excellent recording was co-produced by Erin Davis, (yes the son of the great Miles Davis), and Eastwood’s long time writing partner Michael Stevens. Opening with “Metropolitan,” a smooth and soulful song written by Eastwood, Stevens and Davis, Eastwood features Overall, METROPOLITAN tops Eastwood’s previous recordings and is the best jazz recording in Eastwood’s burgeoning repertoire. A MUST HAVE for all jazz collectors.”