Kyla Mainous / Press

“Mighty War is a strong offering from Kyla Mainous. The emotional album perfectly details the aching pain of heartbreak, but it also depicts the glowing high of being in love. Kyla’s voice packs incredible power, soaring over the harder hitting instrumentals of tracks like “Remember Me” and gently whispering over ballads such as “Disaster.” Personally, I think that Kyla is at her best when the production is stripped back a little. Her powerful voice stands out on tracks like “Disaster” and “Mighty War,” allowing the emotional timbre of her voice to take center stage. As an artist Kyla is capable of finding great beauty in pain, and she displays an unwavering strength across the album as she fearlessly tackles difficult topics and searches for a resolution. Mighty War has left me hungry for more music from Kyla! All in all it is a phenomenal effort! Final Verdict: 4 Stars”

“When Kyla Mainous entered the Fairfield Idol competition for the fifth time this year she didn’t care if she won or lost. All she wanted to do was get on the stage and perform. Winning the competition, she says, was a plus that will allow her to record at least one of the many songs she’s written. “I love to sing. I love being able to go on stage,’’ said the Fairfield Township teen. “Winning was an awesome feeling – I’ve tried so many times before and I was runner up twice before.” Singing before groups is something Kyla has done since she was little. The 2010 Fairfield High School graduate performed her first solo at the age of five at Community Christian Church, where she still sings. She has been a lead singer with the church’s worship band since seventh grade. “I wasn’t nervous,’’ Kyla said of her experience. “I was excited to be performing before such a big crowd. The bigger the crowd, the better I do.” ”