KwEeZy RoX / Press

"Beer plus tape recorder plus guitar equals some of the silliest shit I've ever heard...I giggled all the way through this little home recording"

The Flashing Astonisher

"The drummer has the timing of a fart during fellatio."

Wall Street Journal

"This shit sounds like it was recorded with a string and tin can microphone."

Rolling Stone

"Probably one of the top ten greatest one-man bands to come out of Wadsworth, OH so far this year!"

Trading Post

"I found some of it slightly amusing."

Someone being kind


Giant Eagle newspaper insert

"That one song was kind of okay."

Kweezy's mom

"High Praise! Imagine J Mascis, Jimmy Hendrix, & Satriani on guitars with Steve Harris on bass, Keith Moon and John Bonham tag-teaming the drums and Axl and Lemmy sharing vocals. This would only start to approach the dynamic awesomeness achieved by Kweezy. He is truly one of the greatest artists of all time in any medium, seemlessly slipping between genres he's invented himself. Sounds are his palette and ears are his canvas."

Doug Cullen