Kuumba Freeque / Press

"You probably should never come to a soul concert if you aren't there to have fun. You definitely shouldn't come to a soul affair if you think Kuumba Freeque won't set the atmosphere just right (hint: They did and then some). The best bet would have been to sit your ass at home."

"Houston funk-rock duo, KUUMBA FREEQUE, is keepin' it fresh with a hot new project."

“Legendary Houston Poet & MC, SCEF, chops it up with KUUMBA FREEQUE!”

“Houston Funk Rock duo KUUMBA FREEQUE featured on "The Creative Soul Show!"”

“Our writing clicked from jump. He had tracks that had no lyrics. I had lyrics that had no tracks. And they all fit together. It was crazy....”

“KUUMBA FREEQUE featured in premier issue of S.I.A. (Support Independent Artists) magazine.”