KS ROCKS / Press

“Fast becoming a You Tube Smash Mottingham singer Ks Rocks has achieved plenty in a very short time as she strives for music super stardom.... (See Page 51)”

“''I liked the song and would like to add it to our A Playlist rotation.''”

“'' A rising star from Mottingham is smashing her way into the music business with her New Single inspired by her experiences...''”

“Hey I checked out your website and I love what you have going on. I’m head of advertising at Alwayz Therro Magazine.”

Kenneth Therro @ Alwayz Therro Magazine

“''Hey Baby Girl, I'll pass your music on to our Radio Controllers @ BBC 1''”

Tim Westwood @ BBC1 Extra

“''Thanks so much for coming on the show tonight. Amazing Singing!”

Haz Childs From 101.4 On FM

“I like your voice, you have a great dynamic range ...Spellbound stands out as a strong track ...”

Christian Siddell From Sync Music London