K-Squeez / Press

“Really like the song’s (How I Do) theme about getting out of the struggle, along with the beat, the music, the rap. Well produced, well arranged. I just wanted it to build and explode a bit more, it seems a bit restrained to me, couldn’t turn it up loud enough. Very viable for sync licensing possibilities. Would love the mp3 to include on an Aspenbeat radio show.”

Andrea Young (Owner of the Aspenbeat Radio Show) - Fluence

“He was pretty good at making a catchy chorus I couldn’t wait to hear again. I liked his flow, and I appreciated that his lyrics were more interesting than I’m used to hearing in some hip hop. Good job. I could see a space for him in the radio hip hop sphere.””

Hugh McIntyre (Writer for Forbes, TheHuffingtonPost, MTV, PolicyMic, Billboard) - Fluence

"K-Squeez is definitely an artist who's lyrics I can relate to. It's been a while since I've heard a hip hop artist with lyrics that have a point. Take it to the new level K-Squeez, your gonna do big things for sure." - "SupaStar" has a 5 star rating from every customer that has posted a review!

“About "All Kinds of Girls" - "...The main vocals were delivered passionately and seemingly with meaning. The chorus vocals were excellent and probably the best and most catchy aspect of the song. the beat and tune was nice and funky too. good job."”

"...press kit. I would really like to see you do this because your music speaks to people in its own words. You know how to keep a flow and your words are delivered with so much power."

Robert Wilson - Basement Elevation