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“All I can say is... you did it again! I always look forward to hear what you're going to next! Kevin, you have a bright future ahead of you!”

William "Bosz" Bostic

“Hey Kevin, this is a great tune. It truly represents the genere, love the drums, the bass(pumping eights) and the synth is a great addition to your instrument list. The beginning of the song reminds me of early Cold Play and the drum pattern is programed in the style of Larry Mullen of U2. Piano and guitar work perfect together, you did an excellent job in this assignment. You are a true talent, no matter what genre they throw at you, you're ready sir!! All the best, Karlo Franusic”

Karlo Franusic

“Keep doing what u do ksoundd inc”


“I go all over these charts listening.I like knowing whose doing what,whose got what.feel me?You,my musical friend,are one of a kind and I appreciate you much!And though I express this sentiment to everyone,in this instance it is truly from my heart to yours.”

GLC Mims ( the Vocal Doctor) - Fan responce

“J-2 was selected #1 by fan votes in Chicago on a major radio station 107.5 WGCI. Fans loved the new single "Up and Down". This song is now available to download on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, and lots more for your library right now.”

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