Krotchripper / Press

“We don't know if Necrotic [Records] has a quarterly quotient tabulating the amount of gore presented via hilariously sick song titles (MMM's 'Trache Fuck' and KR's 'Rotten Meat Rottisserie,' for example) and gurgling guttural vocals (both bands have 'em in spades). If so, these two drum machine-powered bands - with MMM sounding the more realistic - have done all of the legwork to keep Necrotic in the black for the rest of the year.”

“Right from start to finish this split delivers the unrelenting blast-brutality that you have come to expect from the slamming brutal death metal bands of today. Seldom does this release ever slow down, and mostly only because of the few samples that are scattered around the tracks. Krotchripper delivers great slamming parts with groovy headbang-forcing riffs and guttural throat-shredding vocals. The production is fitting for the genre, but sometimes it can be a little muddy. Overall Krotchripper's part of the split is a magnificent show of brutal force, but it features no surprises whatsoever. Krotchripper is 100 % straight forward drummachine powered slamming brutal death metal, and if that is what you're expecting, you won't be disappointed. Despite the slight lack of creativity and variety, this split has so little bad about it that it deserves a staggering 7/10 guitars.”

"Amateurism & Heavy Beastiality. Guaranteed 100% sick. If you like the underground death and if you support the idea of not hear guitar solos and nothing but the brutal and vicious beast, you can read more. The arrangements are simplistic (drum machine does not help). But! These little guys have already mastered to perfection the unmericful vicious groove. With ease, they pound in unrelentlessly tortured rifts that get stuck in your head from day one. Once you've listened, you have only one desire: pressing the repeat button on the CD player. Guilty pleasure because sound quality is average. It's so good we can forget its shortcomings. Anyway these guys have all the qualities of composition and riffage to hint at an impressive margin of progression. Just let it mature like any good wine. They are still a bit green, but I'm sure that with a little luck and a little more time in the studio Krotchripper has every chance to fully take off."

“It's not something you just like. It sucks so bad you have to like it.”

“Kroptchripper are just retarded. Like fucking retarded. It is either the drums or the guitars that have this really stupid side to them. It is the way they are played and the sounds they recreate. Like the drum patterns; just, dumb senselesss repetition. Automatic hammering. Or like the guitars; fatty riffs with very little meat. There are three musicians in Krocthripper and I am struggling to find out who plays what. It all sounds so mechanized that it could go either way; drum machine, programmed guitar riffs, and Porky at the mike. Who by the way, goes low and guttural but that by now, at portas of 2012, sounds just so run of the mill, he’ll be quickly forgotten. Krotchripper’s side ends with a song called “Echoes of the Trollish Wake” which goofy as it may sound is actually genius compared to the rest of their material.”

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