Kriz Rogers / Press

"The beginning is so beautiful i love it so much. She is a wonderful country singer i say that what ever she does in her life is always perfect. The beat is very good i like it so much because it's so perfect. The drums are very good, the chorus is fantastic attractive just perfect. The end of the song is very enjoyable. Everything is perfect in this song. So congratulations to the female singer that performs here in this country song. I really enjoyed it so much specially the beginning part of the song. Very intelligent country singer."

Reverbnation Crowd Review of Singing My Blues Away

"classic country style is what i get instantly from this song! the singer has an interesting and intoxicating sound that stays true to the country genre. i like that she is her own back up singer. the layering of the vocal tracks really makes the lyrics interesting and easy to understand. the theme of the song is classic as well, and the melody has a sort of swaying sound that makes me nod along. great work from a great artist!"

Reverbnation Crowd Review of Singing My Blues Away

““Country music is my favorite genre and I love this song. The singer sounds a lot like Loretta Lynn. The vocals are warm and has good pitch range. The lyrics are inspiring and very well written. The music is consistent and memorable. Overall, a well performed song from head to toe. Great job.””

Reverbnation Crowd Review of Memoryville

““Such a great country love song. I would listen to this track, although I am not a fan of many country songs, I like this song. The guitars melody works nice with the artist voice. An amazing bass guitar playing in the background. The lyrics compliments the artist voice.””

Reverbnation Crowd Review of Memoryville

“Kriz knows what "country" means. Why has so much of Nashville forgotten? Support her and everyone who breathes life into the soul of our musical roots.”


"Country music cooked to perfection"

“A string of country hits”

"This is exactly what I call pure country made from the heart!"

“This girl will beyond a shadow of a doubt go far”

“She is definitely one of the Swedish country singers that can be compared with the better of other genres.”

Jonas Öhman - GINZA

“A lot of soul all the way”

Lars Kjellberg - Kountry Korral Magazine

“It's always nice to hear Swedish country music that's good, especially with good, own written material.”