Kristin M / Press

“Pop has a new princess, and her name is Kristin”

Soulunique Showband - RN Review

“To Come across a full set of such brilliant tracks is rare.”

Solfate - RN Review

“Played (the) video "All is Forgiven" and all I can say is Wow!”

Joe - NYC Guitarist - RN Review

“2 Words BEAUTIFUL ADDICTION !!!!!!!!!!”

westside - RN Review

“Kristin Massey is an alluring kitten with a voice as seductive as any on the planet. ”

Malcolm Dome - Raw Magazine

“Started listening and couldn't stop”

Wayne Westervelt - RN Review

“Love the energy! Great Vocals!”

Anna Johnson - RN Review


Ricky Morse (Sweetleef Guitarist/Songwriter) - RN Review

""Happy" is the jam."

Dan Gerous - RN Review

""Happy" actually blew us away... massive groove and hook."

Red Seriph - RN Review

""Happy" is a musical jewel that effortlessly and effectively conveys a happy grateful mood.......a truly lovely track."

Giscard Nazon - RN Review

“(Happy) is so hot!”

Sonic League - RN Review

“Wow, listening to "Don't Stop The Music", great stuff”

ThinkMediaMusic ltd - RN Review

“Lovvve it”

Track Team - RN Review

“We Dig It !!”

March Into Paris - RN Review

“Great Voice, Music and Hooks!”

Carson - RN Review

“Kristin M's voice is amazing and her songs are the ones you want to listen to.”

Sophi - RN Review

“(Kristin M's) Style n Sound is what Vanities live for!”

Pride & The Vanities - RN Review

“We aren't usually Pop/Dance Zombies but (Kristin M) Rocks”

ZeroZombie - RN Review

“Beautiful Addiction (is the) BEST SONG ON REVERBNATION”

DeeSaronno OnTheBeat - RN Review

"Beautiful Addiction" is a hit. Thank you for sharing it with us all.

Planets Citizens - RN Review

“Beautiful Addiction is awesome Love it, love it, love it”

The Time Bomb - RN Review

“Everyone is right. "Beautiful Addiction" is That Good.”

YouBigMe - RN Review

“Massey accents with vocal punches showing her great range between the rockers and the ballads. Her softer side reminds one of Stevie Nicks.”


“I truly like "Hey China"”

Wayne George - RN Review

“Great Music, playing "Hey China" tonight”

Zoe Ann - RN Review

“I'm feelin your vibe love. You got it.”

No Nonsense - RN Review

“You are a super artist.”

GTJOE - RN Review

“You're AWESOME!!!”

Rob from Promize - RN Review

“Damn!! Happy is one of the most well written songs. The layered vocal for the hook is spectacular!!”

Arson F. Daily (Producer) - RN Review

"Happy" is the truth. Great Song. Great Vocals.

Bill "ROC" Woodson, Music Producer - RN Review

“I'm feeling the song "Happy" you did your thing on that joint”

Music Producer Genesis7Productions - RN Review

“Through captivating vocals and a sensuous sound, Massey takes control of the music and the listener is almost forced to absorb the lyrics. ”

State Press Tempe Arizona Daily

"Like A Shining Star" Like it very much

Jaki Song - RN Review

“(My) Personal favorite is "Like a Shining Star"”

Mike Henry - RN Review

"Shining Star" is a hit

The Monks of Sex - RN Review

“When one listens to Kristin’s voice, one hears warmth. Her voice has flexibility, purity and intimacy. ”

Anne Leighton - The Music Paper

“Bravo! Bravo! I am truly a fan..”

Caivawn - RN Review

“Love the energy and classy sounds, great voice!”

Sozo Heaven - RN Review