Kristin Errett / Press

“Errett, a Connecticut native, is a thriving vocalist and pianist. Her work has drawn comparisons to the popular Sara Bareilles and über-hip Norah Jones. More importantly, the 21-year-old musician recently released her first album, and will soon be embarking on a summer tour through New England.”

"... One of the BEST Independent Artists out there right now."

“She started taking piano lessons as a child and, now barely past 21, Kristin Errett already has released a CD and is touring the east coast to bring her original songs to intimate settings, where a dual-generation audience is discovering her and the CD Confessions of a Songbird. "When I perform at colleges and in bars, I naturally tend to draw a younger audience." Kristin tells STYLE SOURCE. "But when I tour, I talk about recreating a '70s sound, so I've had people around my parents' age-in their 50s-buy the album and become fans." While noting that the '70s vibe echoes the music of Carole King, Laura Nyro, The Eagles, and Chicago. Kristin hastens to add the current cadre of piano-pop ladies among her influences: Sara Bareilles, Vanessa Carlton, Michelle Branch, Regina Spektor, Missy Higgins, Ingrid Michaelson. "I really aspire to be like Ingrid." Kristin says, "because she has a huge fan base but isn't necessarily going the normal route." Catch Kristin's music at KristinErrett.com.”

“Reminiscent of fellow singer/songwriters Sara Bareilles and Sarah McLachlan, Kristin Errett's beautiful voice is only matched by her piano skills. Errett's sound is heavily influenced by '70s singer/songwriters, giving her a slightly different approach to her craft than her contemporaries. Upon hearing Carole King's "Tapestry," Errett begged her parents to let her take piano lessons. The rest is history. “I knew after my first performance at The Bitter End that I had to do this for a living. It was such a rush,” Errett says. Now, this classically-trained pianist is finding her own voice, penning bubbly, upbeat fun songs -- boasting lyrics like "Never call me honey, I’m not always nice / Never call me sugar if you don’t want spice / If you were smart you’d know it from the start / Don’t call me sweetheart" -- and gorgeous ballads, all of which are featured on her debut album "Confessions of a Songbird." ...”

“MNM: What is your thought process when working on new music? Kristin: I actually try not to involve too much of a thought process when writing music. I find that when I think too much about it, I get in the way and I've learned it's better to let the song take its own course. I know I can edit or change things later but initially, I need to feel the song before I think about it...”

“IAE: Tell us about your latest project and what can we expect to hear on it? My new album is called, “Confessions of a Songbird”. I recorded out in LA this past winter. Half the songs have a contemporary piano-pop sound. The other half have a bit of a 70s vibe. On a few songs, I actually play a Fender Rhodes. The first track on the album, “Don’t Call Me Sweetheart” pretty much sets the tone lyrically. As implied in the title, I don’t hold back at all with my lyrics. They’re honest and bold but in hopefully a fun, tongue-and-cheek way. I really had such a great time recording this album and I hope people enjoy the music as much as I enjoyed recording it. IAE: As an independent artist, what’s been the toughest part about pursuing a music career in today’s economy? I’m a firm believer that when a door closes, find a window...”

"... Has the talent to enjoy a long and successful career."

“Kristin Errett is on her way to a Grammy...bottom line! Those who like Sarah Bareilles, will enjoy Kristin. The latest EP by this 21 year-old musician is cleverly titled 'Confessions of a Songbird' and gives us 10 sassy girl power songs filled with great singing and musical production. Kristin starts the album off with "Don't Call Me Sweetheart", a song full of moxy and heart-on-the-sleeve attitude. She says "Never call me honey, I'm not always nice. Never call me sugar if you don't want spice. If you were smart you'd know it from the start. Don't call me sweetheart." Girls will love this song and guys will not, because it was meant to put the male ego in check. Good for you Kristin! The best song on this EP, which in my opinion is a major radio hit waiting to happen, is "Happily Never After". What an incredible piano rock song! I could go on and on about Kristin and her music, but I can't...so I'm going to conclude by saying...GO GET THIS GIRL'S ALBUM NOW!!!”

“Top 5 Vocalist Of The Month Winner ”