Kristina Marie / Press

“One impressive and successful element in this show was the music. Shortly before production was set to begin, Wonka lost its music director, which threatened to end this production before it even began. Vienna Theatre Company decided to undertake the “it takes a village” motto, and spread the duties for music director far and wide, piecing together the production with contributions from many different people, including Beth Atkins, Colleen Stock, and Francine Krasowska. Live music accompanied the show, which included musicians Beth Atkins, Francine Krasowska , Larry Zimmerman, Kristina Westernik, and Abel Ruiz. The live music was a nice touch, and they performed beautifully.”

“Kristina Westernik is a violinist who believes in the healing power of music. She performs with a confidence and passion for life and particularly turned to music in the wake of a traumatic event. Not only did she turn to music to heal herself and others, but she also became an advocate for sexual assault and domestic violence survivors as a Crisis Intervention Volunteer with a regional shelter in Virginia. Currently, she performs around the Washington Metro region with local rock band, Call for Fire. For this performance, she will be accompanied by fellow musicians, Ian Dandridge, Brendan Pell, and Andrew Gabor.”