Kristilyn Robertson / Press

“Lovely new album from genuinely great artist.”

"Kristilyn demonstrates throughout the CD, that she is capable of delivering an interesting song, in a way that many listeners can appreciate, certainly those who enjoy theatrical piano-styled pop."

" ... looks like we've got another tragic/beauty on our hands ... "

"These songs are melodic and slightly theatrical. They are very well written and performed. Robertson's voice is girlish at times and sexy kitten purr-ish at others. But always right on, and always a fantastic match for the genre."

"Kristilyn Robertson follows her excellent debut with a solid follow-up. Her confidence has grown and she plays piano better than ever."

"The piano is gorgeous. It makes me want to close my eyes and just melt while it washes over me. Her voice is semi-girly and sweet, but not too sugary. It's got an edge too."

“This music is in the vein of Terami Hirsch (without the electrics), Sarah Slean (without the drunk-ish vocals) and perhaps, Tori Amos (without the nuts). I love all those women and Robertson fits right in.”

“This is an exceptional debut and it makes Robertson a name to remember.”

“Overall, The Bee Tree is an album that you just can't sing enough praise about.”

Kelsey Tanasiuk - The Gateway, University of Alberta