Kristen Graves / Press

"...the new generation of folk singer"


Peter Yarrow - Peter, Paul & Mary

“Kristen Graves fans will know that this is so typical of her... 'As some of you may know (if you ever watch the Ellen show) she has always worked really hard to promote the message of ‘being kind to one another,’ and it’s a message that I think we all need to hear...'”

“Singer/songwriter Kristen Graves is currently a Fairfield resident, but she has taught piano and guitar to many Naugatuck musicians, until recently at the Naugatuck Congregational Church. Kristen said, "This is my first Christmas album, and I'm so excited! The proceeds are going to fund a guitar camp on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation this summer. It's the gift that keeps on giving!!!"”

““There’s always room for Kristen [Graves] on Better CT! There are very few people that come on stage with just a guitar and sing, no back-up, no nothing, just an amazing voice; Kristen Graves is that gifted performer.” – Scot Haney, Host of Better Connecticut”

Scot Haney - Host of Better Connecticut

"It's easy to connect to the music of Kristen Graves. By listening to it, engaging with it, we feel part of something bigger."

Vanessa Malone - Freelance Writer, NYC

"Kristen Graves has accepted her natural role as a songwriter. Refreshingly sweet and delightful is how I would describe her...I highly recommend her new release "Stay," and urge you to catch a performance and be reminded of how great it is to be alive!"

Tony Falco - Falcon Music & Art Productions, Marlboro, NY

"Kristen Graves' music is original, heartfelt, and entertaining. It's rare to find a quality combination of vocals, musicianship, and stage presence all from one artist. She sets a precedent for other singer/songwriters and especially raises the bar for female musicians."

Joy Ike - singer/songwriter, Pittsburgh, PA

"I had the good fortune to share a stage with Kristen Graves when she toured through Cleveland. Kristen performs in a way that wraps itself around you...I hope to share another stage with Kristen, she is a delight!"

Jim Snively - singer/songwriter, Cleveland, OH