Krista Angelucci / Press

“Scituate will once again be the site of artists, cameras and a film crew. Krista Angelucci, a rising pop-country artist from Billerica, will be shooting a music video for her song, “Like You,” which can be found on her debut album, “Like it or Not.””

“Krista Angelucci is a rising country artist from the Boston area. A phrase that you may have had to double take on a few years back, but is becoming more and the norm in the present day. Now while some folks may not agree with me here, pop-country can certainly be considered roots or Americana music. The great thing about this community has been its constant support and acceptance to bring all types of music under one umbrella that defines music soaked in American tradition. So long as the artist is dedicated to their craft and does it for the love of music, I’ll be the first in line to jump on in. With a voice well beyond her years and a passionate drive and affection for music, I’d welcome Krista under the umbrella any day!”

“It could be an opportunity to say you knew a rising star before she hit the big time. As it is, Angelucci is already splitting her time between Massachusetts and Nashville, where she recorded her album, and the sky certainly appears to be the limit. “She’s so talented,” Kimball said. “Hopefully we will all be able to say we knew her when, and then maybe when she’s really famous, she’ll come back again for us.”

"Krista Angelucci was presented with the Music Video of the Year Award for her song "C R E E P" at the 2013 Limelight Magazine Music Awards."

"Alongside her talented vocals, Krista also has an outgoing and friendly personality that seemed to allow her to connect to many of the people in attendance at her live shows."

“Her on-stage performance packs a powerful punch of energy, heart and soul with every song. With her trusty acoustic guitar in hand, Krista’s talent captivates her audience throughout the night.”

“Award winning female entertainer and vocalist, Krista Angelucci, is a very talented singer and songwriter who is successfully establishing herself in the music industry. Make no mistake about it, when she takes the stage, her presence demands attention as her performance captivates her audience.”

“Not many people can say they have shared the field with Tom Brady, the court with Paul Pierce or the stage with the country duo Big & Rich. Billerica resident and aspiring singer/songwriter Krista Angelucci can include all of that and more on her resume. After graduating from Billerica Memorial High School in 2007, the now 21-year-old made a career in music her top priority.”