Kris Searle / Press

"After listening to this album, it's no surprise that Searle continues to scoop up well earned awards for his songwriting mastery"

"I have always loved Kris's voice and this is true on the new songs “Veins”. The production is excellent. The vocals are right out front with just enough of a smattering of percussion and a very high female background part behind Kris. The song breaks into a dance song about 2/3rds of the song. The synth sounds add to the mystery of the track. Now onto the lyrics... The point is love and Kris is totally in it. The sound of Kris’s voice falls into an intimate portrait of the love that Kris is in. I can hear this song in Film and TV spots. I am rather taken with the lyrics ”Every moment that I have it still remains as an image of your face”. There is a slight hint of Kris’s British accent which is very charming. Overall, this track is wonderful and anyone who has an ear for love will love it"

"Kris Searle's "Veins" is produced in a way that allows his stunning vocals to be the star of the show. Sung with real authenticity, the message comes across with emotional impact on the listener. Excellent choice for a single."  Harriet Schock Platinum Songwriter/Recording Artist

"An artist such as Kris Searle is truly unique in the world of independent music artists. His British sound, style and influence stretch into other musical realms which show his level of musical knowledge and history. Kris Searle is a first class, 21st century artist"

“Searle's music touches the heart and stimulates the soul, and deserves industry support and placement in a myriad of shows and movies. Searle is ready for the big time now!”

Bob Leggett - Music Connection

"Judge Kris S. a very serious and knowledgeable musician, with a warm and inspiring personality, keen ear and sharp eye"

“His music draws from life experiences and projects raw emotion, a refreshing break from all the futile pap that fills much of today's pop charts.”

"Kris warms the intimate audience with his signature humor and his delightful ability to tell a story with his melodic tenor vocals. Kris is just as comfortable playing a piano, accompanying himself"

"KRIS SEARLE is something of a phenomenon here at ROCKWIRED, this U.K. crooner, on the verge of releasing his forthcoming CD 'SLOWLY DIABOLICAL' has taken his music and his life into his own hands and is making it happen"