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"All About You".. love it. when those drums kick in, becomes gorgeous hahah.

EasyToEnvy - Looperman Comment

" Baby Girl" Nice one!!

Stephan Vohito - Facebook Comment

“Francois... "Baby Girl" I love it, great rhythm & beats! Look forward to the album, let me know when it's available! :-)”

Tootie Dasher - Facebook Comment

"By Candlelight Workin On It Remix".. GOOD JOB SIR!!! that beat was hot ta deaf bro! i thought i was gonna hear u busta funky dope ryme ..

Craig Duerson - Facebook Comment

"Grown N Sexy is nice, keep me posted"

Paul Lamont Stonework - Facebook Comment

"Late Nights, Early Mornings",Space age you taking em back to Zapp & Roger with this one...

Lauren Gary Rice - Facebook Comment

“The journey of our life can be written in the music we love and listen to”

Francois Cummings - Kreative Music Productions