Wes Kraven / Press

“Sick ass delivery man. for real. my hat's off to you. not too many goin as hard as you. keep up the hard work. much love from Texas. Peace. -Young Q”

Young Q - Reverbnation

“If we are looking at each outher from a far with a canyon in between us, then that means you burned your bridge wit me.- Wes Kraven”

Wes Kraven - Legacy Productions

“Love 'Logic' great track, love the hook and the vibe. Really like your work here,, very fresh and creative. W&W”

Wild&Welsh - Reverbnation

“Back to listen to more of your sounds. Love the lyricism. Bless”

Dr3am Ville - reverbnation

“Tears are not enough, just love those, well observed, well penned innovative rhymes. its what its all about, thats real style and im loving it!”

Robyn-Jane - Reverbnation

“Breezed through to listen to your tunes. And I'm vibing to dangerous right now mad sick Tho! -Dibbz-”

Dibbz - Reverbnation

“Sounding awesome!!”

Wren - Reverbnation

“I've got my player set on Play All here..I've made it to "I Wont' Quit" (smokin' track)...and I'm loving everything I hear..I think I'll probably reset it to play all again when these run out :-)”

Delaney Simpson - Reverbnation

“Keep on grinding bro... liking the sound respect - BEAST”

Hachi D BEAST - Reverbnation

“Yo that Dangerous is ill bro, nice style and overall sound on these tunes.”

Grimy D Beats - Reverbnation

“I'm really feeling what I'm hearing. Blazing hot!!!!!”

Spider - Reverbnation

“Excellent work... top notch production!”

Zeus Rooster - Reverbnation

“very cool man you made an instant fan keep it up!!!!”

Stampede Queen - Reverbnation

“Good fresh and original stuff,great work wes !!”

John Hasnip - Reverbnation

“Great production & energy... I'ma fan!!!”

Cix-9 - Reverbnation

“What up Wes, Tracks are hot!”

ECF Management - Reverbnation

“Your music has that original hip-hop sound to it and that's good i like it. keep it coming cause there's nothing but success coming your way.”

proffess - Reverbnation

“i think you're a great musician.. your music is really awesome.... you deserve to get more fans than i do!. wish you all the best Wes. Bayu ”

Bayu Akbar - Reverbnation

“I respect those that grind I see you ~”

Jflo DaBoss - Reverbnation

“You have a very polished sound with clear vocal rappin' and some great creative production on the beatz. Excellent work Wes Kraven. Respects - Tony, Dom & Klint - TPK”

The Pizza Kings - Reverbnation

“This music is my therapy, I do not do this to make money or to gain any type of popularity i do this to vent. -Wes Kraven”

Wes Kraven - Legacy Productions

“Definitely feelin that hardcore shit!”

Soul - Reverbnation

“Thanks so much man! That was a really awesome comment you left! Im totally feeling your music man! You have an sick flow. Got all your tracks queued up this morning!”

Present day bliss - Reverbnation