Krate Digga / Press

“There is one thing you have to understand when you are listening to #KeysAndStrings: You are listening to an album that is infused by a lifelong love affair Krate has with sound. You will hear guitar that will remind you of influences like Jimmy Hendrix, or Carlos Santana. The keyboard will have you dreaming of Herbie Hancock but Krate’s sound is completely organic and unique.”

“This cd came through for me. It is stunningly produced. The beats are gorgeous.There is an intensity to so many of the pieces that is enhanced by the music instead of it being distracting.”

"Accordingly, Digga aimed to keep it smooth with his new release, which allowed guests like Talisha Holmes, Speak Williams, Co City and Eddie Bayard to shine over textured production."

“DJ Kratedigga is one of the coolest and most cerebral deejays in Columbus. He has immaculate taste and an excellent sense of composition. Whether he is spinning out or backing J.Osceola, Krate is a great live deejay..”

“But Kratedigga’s set was a time capsule of genius. He was acknowledging the past and future international impact of Columbus rap.”

“What Sets You Apart from Everyone Else? I'm very versatile both at & away from the tables. I can rock clubs and lounges, poetry readings & with a band. I can step away from the tables and host round table discussions about various topics across the social & political spectrum. I have a versatility and an open mindedness that allows me to be comfortable and confident in many different sectors of the business.”