Ryan KP / Press

“Loving your work, Keep it up and keep me inspired”

“Great tunes, great talent.”

“I very RARELY will comment someone's page more than once, but your track "You Are Forgiven" is so fantastic, I can't help myself. That's one tight number! THANKS for writing this great, great track!”

“Beautiful arrangements”

“Fantastic music!!!”

“I absolutely love your sound... beautiful guitar work! Great vocals as well... "You Are Forgiven" is SUCH a pretty song!!”

“wow !! Loved every track I listened to :) You're a beautiful talent Ryan :)”

“I really dig your inspiring songs. My respect!!”

“Love your music, your arrangements and everything is really nice God bless”

“This is so very wonderful!”

“Your music is fantastic!!!”

“You are Forgiven is very nice! Keep creating! ”

“Wow! Beautiful! I love the music that moves my soul, You got it too Ryan :)”

“im not even done listening but unforgiveable is like unexplainable how great it sounds, vocals n instrument”

“Dope music hermano! I read your bio, and glads that u bounced back from adversity and still doing what u luv...”

“Brilliant work my friend & a great video. Love the violin on it, very haunting & a great rap, excellant!!!”

“Love the authenticity of your sound. Much respect for your music”

“You Are Forgiven is sooooooooo sick”

“KP, you've got some really catchy songs here, and very well done.”

“Ear easy muzik”

“wow, very good stuff. never heard anything like it.”

“OMG...i fell in love with you are forgiven by the 12th bar! K.P. you definately are a hit!”

“Great feel to your tunes”

“they're all very melodic tracks, KP :)”

“Very Impressive Material...Beautifully Done...”

“Please keep blessing us with real music.”

“Interesting and beautiful sounds and songs. ”

“my favourite you have up is Bliss - so beautiful! ”

“electrifying beat”

“Your music gets under my skin..very good and real!!”

“Absolutely love "You Are Forgiven". Brilliant mate. :-)”

“Love your music and sound! Ya'll are very unique.”

“It is really wonderful music.”

“You are different in a great way! Love it! Don't change your formula,it works it needs to be heard!”