“SHADES OF BLACK is an exceptional album capturing a multitude of styles within death, thrash and black and I assure you that checking this band out will be worth your while and might even make your album of the year. Stunning metal.”

“(3 Points shy of a Potential Classic !!) Prepare thyselves for one of the more intense, epic and great debut blackened death metal albums to come around in a while.[...]..this is a must have record for any self-respecting black / death metal freak...(rating: 88/100)”

“Brutal, Blistering, Catastrophic, Annihilating..... These things come to mind when listening to the new opus from Canada's death metal gods KORPIUS. (rating: 8/10)”

“Canada's answer to the Polish titans, BEHEMOTH. [...] KORPIUS offer the way to the dark woods of North America. (rating: 9/10)”

“Every now and then a band comes along that you have zero expectations for and they blow you away. Korpius have done just that. [...] I see no reason why these guys couldn’t be on the par of say a Neuraxis or Fleshgod Apocalypse.”

“In my opinion Korpius are a very good technical/death/black metal band and if you are a fan of this genre, you should check out this band. 'SHADES OF BLACK' - A Recommended Buy”

“The track 'The Final Charge' leaves no holds barred as it balances melody with aggression, and the growls with the shrieks for a great closing track that rips through like an Amon Amarth track.”

“The song structures that Korpius deliver are well developed and there is a good flow throughout the album. They mix the brutality of death metal, give it a bit of technicality and top it off with some black metal influences.”

“Production is obviously fantastic and you wouldn't expect otherwise anyway from such a record.[...] Their experience and craftsmanship seemed to pay off as there are virtually no flaws to be found on Shades of Black.”

“Shades Of Black": Debut of blackened death metal from Korpius, who retain the usually high Canadian extreme metal standard of technical excellence, imaginative writing and overall versatility.”

“To write it bluntly: the release of the debut album by Korpius (Shades Of Black) looks like the Metal Event of the Year in the Eastern Townships.”

“Écrivons-le sans ambages: la parution du premier album de Korpius s'annonce comme l'événement métal de l'année en Estrie. Précédé par une réputation de scène redoutable et deux EP qui avaient figé nos doigts en position «devil», le quatuor est enfin muni d'une arme digne de ses talents de franc-tireur.”

“The music is there; Korpius just need some intensive touring and promotion for the fans to flock to them. Having seen them live I can say that this band has the confidence and professionalism to get the job done!”