Koroded / Press

“Formed in a basement in Germany about five years ago, this German quartet owe more than a big nod to the likes of Machine Head and Fear Factory for their sound. Coupling relentless cyber metal with crunching 90s thrash metal, Koroded, as well as having a bit of a crap name, are pretty generic in their delivery. Avid followers of the metal scene will not find anything on ‘To Have And To Unhold’ that they won’t have already come across already if they’ve listened to anything by Machine Head, Fear Factory or Strapping Young Lad.”

“The new Koroded record was produced by Jacob Bredahl, singer of Hatesphere. And yeah - it kicks ass. The music sounds most of the time like the mighty MACHINE HEAD, without reaching their grade. But KORODED from Germany are no trend follower, they did that kind of music since years and the last tracks on this new output shows that they find their own way. The opener ZERO MINUS ZERO is in the best MACHINE HEAD tradition. Especially the guitars, groove and the vocals (screamed and clean) sounding like Rob Flynn. But it is a hell of a track with a mighty slow ending riff. And the vocals are awesome.”

“Bang bang bang, Koroded sounds strong and very mature on their new record. Powered up and ready to blow some speakers with a crunch that merges the throbbing of Bloodsimple with the melodicism of Haste the Day. The opening arpeggios of “In love with memories” and “People of the abyss” can be tricky, but pick cleanly and smoothly. The album rides the wave nicely and with a much harder edge for the new generation. “To have and to unhold” sounds probably familiar to many other metal bands in this month’s Metal Hammer, but excessive this is definitely not. When Koroded hits the top of the c chord, they pummel your ears to mush.”

“Back into the ring, und das mit einer Intensität wie man sich das nach einer Platte wie „The Absurd Beauty of being allone“ nur wünschen konnte. Mit “to have and to unhold” zeigen sich die vier Metallllllller ihren Wurzeln treu, und bringen trotz Beständigkeit in den Korod´schen Musikmix neue Genickzerschmetternde Riffs, Vokals und Drumgebrettere dass es nur so kracht. Ganz explizit sollte man sich einmal mir J. Rörders vokalischen Ergüssen auseinandersetzen, die sind exponential nach oben, zwischen fiesem Gegrunze und Black-Metal Gekreische meistert der Frontmann alle Ebenen, inkl. cleanen Parts mit Gänsehautgarantie, an dieser Stelle hat Koroded die Entwicklung noch einmal Meilen voran gebracht. BRACHIAL, HEFTIG, GEIL !!!!”