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“Like a meteor crashing through the atmosphere. It’s your gravity alone that always brings me here. Though I’m falling even faster than I wanted to. Getting closer…. Closer to you… Lyrics from Closer To You. Written and published by Brett Boyett & Caitlin Alise Parrot ©2012. Vocals by Korie Anne. I have been out of the music scene for a few years now, after being tossed out — okay, led out — of a record company office in Los Angeles by a security guard secretary, after they denied my begging and pleading to at least listen to my songwriter demo. A lot has taken place since then, but when I decided to include interviews on my blog, I immediately thought of musicians and songwriters. I had met one singer on Twitter after she brought her new song to my attention. To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised that not only she was a brilliant singer, the song was catchy and produced very well. I was even more surprised when I found out later that she was only 14 years old....”

“REDDING, CA — If you were not at the Mt. Shasta Mall Food Court Friday night -- you missed it! An absolutely amazing show was unleashed by our local youths who really outdid themselves and provided an avalanche of highly polished performances to the amazement of all! Possibly the only people who were not happy were the judges who struggled to choose a winner from the many outstanding performances. In the end it was 14-year-old Korie Anne of Oroville who snatched the title and the $50 Mall Dollars prize! A prior champion of this program, we had not seen her in over a year, but it was such a thrill to have her back. Korie Anne has been working hard with manager Dave Seguss to develop her own songs and launch her singing career. She has her first single out titled "Closer To You" and her own Web page at Korieanne.com. This young lady has talent and drive, and her hard work and perseverance are already paying off! ”

“Korie Anne is a 14 year old singer from Southern California. In truth, she's been a great find, as she sums up everything that the Fish Pond family has been built around. A very positive artist, she's spent sensible time building up some following on YouTube with her manager, and has finally got to the point of releasing her first single. "Closer to You" is a great effort, a well-written melody with solid instrumentals, clearly written to articulate the melody. It's one of those catchy numbers which leads you right into the chorus, and will go down well live anytime it's played. It's an exciting time, as Korie Anne will also be airing on our affiliate radio station, www.newssic.com and joining our 7 other artists who are now enjoying air time. At 14, she has a great start, and so many years to develop her craft, her contacts, and clearly has the support system to do it. We are proud to add to that, as a family of musicians which enjoys the success of all of our members.”

“REDDING, CA — It's been only 2 short weeks since Korie Rutenschroer, 12, of Oroville electrified the crowd with her amazing vocal skills at the Mt. Shasta Mall Talent Showcase. Her performance on the 14th of January qualified her for the finals, which were held on the 28th. Korie and nearly 40 other kids gave outstanding performances and delivered an amazing show. The Mt. Shasta Mall donated Mall Dollars and Korie won $75 for first place singing "Broken Wing." Taking second with only 1 point difference was vocalist Heather Wilson, 13, of Redding who took home $50. Rounding out third were Skyler Leak, 11 and Courtney Blanc, 11, both of Redding who sang a duet that earned them $25. The Food Court was transformed into a show palace with lights and sound provided by Netsound. You can view videos of Korie and the other finalists on Youtube and Facebook.”

“Many aspiring singers spend years trying to break into the business. In tonight's Kids In Action, reporter Rick Carhart introduces us to an Oroville teenager who has a chance to jump start her career at a very young age. Korie Anne Rutenschroer has been a singer her whole life. She comes from a musical family... her brother is a drummer and her mom works as a manager for local artists. Korie Anne says, "when I'm sad I sing sad songs and when I'm happy I sing really fun, joyful songs." Korie Anne's Mom Cindy says, "she goes up to her room for hours just to sing, sing, sing...she loves music." Korie Anne is only 13 years old, but her voice and her stage presence reflect a maturity beyond her years. Cindy says, "she's so passionate, really feels her music. The minute she opens her mouth everybody feels it."”

“REDDING, CA — Singer Korie Rutenschroer, 14, of Oroville, was January's winner at the Mt. Shasta Mall Talent Showcase. Korie and four other acts will join winners and finalists from previous months and advance to the First Semester Finals, held this month on January 28th. Korie is one of a growing number of kids traveling from out of the area to attend this monthly showcase. While the majority of participants are from Shasta County, this year contestants have hailed from Oroville, Willows, Mt. Shasta, Lake Almanor, Red Bluff, and Corning. Diversity is a key element in this event, which is open to all children 18 and under and nearly any type of talent that can be performed in the Mall Food Court. The Talent Showcase prides itself on being a very friendly, fun venue where all kids are encouraged to participate.”

“Oroville seventh-grader is finalist in KidzBop contest, Although she's just 12 years old, Korie Rutenschroer may have a shot at a professional singing career if things go her way in the coming weeks.”

“Placer County Fair Talent Show Winners 2011 PLACER COUNTY TALENT SHOW IDOL Korie Ann Rutenschroer Placer Idol ~ Korie Ann Rutenschroer Child Singer age 13”