Koolaid / Press

“You have a sweet sound! Keep up the great work! JD”

JD Greer - Reverbnation

“kool soundz . respect”

Ravenslament - Reverbnation

“Hey stopping by to listen to some tunes... Sounds AWESOME my friend”

Tapped Out Beats - Reverbnation

“dope tunes man,, u killed that do it with no hands track,, keep it up,,”

KrZ-K - Reverbnation

“Dropping by for some sweet rhymes! Keep up the great work!”

Free World Radio Telecasting - Reverbnation

“Tha Music Is Official My Dude!”

Dust, Tha BadMan - Reverbnation

“Dig what you're doing man. As long as you keep pushing it and believe in YOU you can go far.”

Delon - Reverbnation

“YEA man thats what i'm talking about. you killed that "Goin Hard" joint. I'm diggin those other jams too.”

ISHU - Reverbnation

“You guys need to jump on this page and check the Kansas City Flow!”

Barry Georgiou AKA Bazza B - Reverbnation

"Boy yu too clean remix" I tell u That Song Go HARD!!!!

Chelsea Green - Facebook

“yo bruv NOW AND LATERS FIRE!!!!”

Barry Georgiou AKA Bazza B - Twitter