Koncrete Kite / Press

“This twelve song CD covers a lot of musical ground. Very few of the songs sound much like any of the others, and in most cases each song sounds entirely unlike anything else on the CD. This is a very good thing. So many bands nowadays find that one niche they fit in, and put out albums where it takes detailed detective work to differentiate one song from another. The first song, “Dinosaurus”, immediately brought to mind the band Silverchair. To be clear, when I mention other bands I’m not suggesting that Koncrete Kite in any way copied the style, just that this song brought another great band to mind. “Dinosaurus” is a classic hard rock song, heavy… but at the same time basically acceptable to mainstream audiences: the vocals are quite melodic, the drums aren’t just pounding away mercilessly and the guitar wails but it wails with a melody and a purpose. The rest of the album really encompasses a large variety of material...READ MORE FROM LINK.”