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Komposer MD / Press

“Electric Rhythms - Attractive tune that has a lot going on. It has a variety of enchanting sounds including the flute sound which may be keyboard. The bass seems to attract me because it seems to pull all the sounds closer. Garner more attention than would otherwise be. The percussion is also of note. Such a fascinating construction of music that might be thought of as too busy if it were too long. Good performance.”

“Electirc Rhythms - This song is very fun and has a balanced and consistent rhythm. There is a wide variety of instruments that create a great song. I love the simplicity of the drum section. I also really love the flute. The big band sound at the end of the song really stands out. These are clearly some very talented musicians who came together to create amazing music. This song will do very well in the commercial marketplace because it is easy going and fun to listen to. It has mostly very soft sounds and none of the them are too harsh. All the instruments sound like they are well tuned and there are no pitch problems. I really enjoyed listening to each of the instruments have their chance to shine. Well done.”

“Electric Rhythms - A very well balanced instrumental. Lots of use of different instruments which bring about a tuneful song. Something relaxing to listen to in the background. Good solid beat of drum, impressive woodwind and trumpets. Other sounds thrown in which adds to the tune. Very creative use of percussions. Overall a very creative production played by very professional musicians. This song stands a good chance of reaching a wide audience and I give 7 out of 10.”

“Electric Rhythms - It is easy listening that has a great sound. The instruments are well played. The sounds go well together. The blend is very easy on the ears. It has an atmospheric sound. Something you might expect to hear in a restaurant.”

“Electric Rhythms - Really interesting sound effects in the beginning! It sounded like maracas were being used and that's DEFINITELY an instrument you don't hear very often. The choice of including different horn instruments is also a very nice change of pace. The fact that this is an instrumental song is great and a little surprising. It also sounded like a flute was being played. That's pretty cool as well. When the bongos were introduced, I became even more interested. Great job and very unique choices of instruments!”

“Electric Rhythms - The intro is slightly dark and magnificent. The beat is contemporary and mysterious and aesthetically it has a basic, intuitive rawness; the rhythm is amazingly focused. I like how the tune continues and the variety of the tempo is enjoyable. The song's soul is reckless but calls for a more sweet quality. The chorus is reflective and thoroughly rendered with its dramatic, detailed thunder. I believe this is a strong song.”

“Electric Rhythms - I like the way the flute plays a part then is echoed by the trumpets. The mimicking in this song gives the song a playful and fun sound to the music. The wonderful melody is constant in each measure and note of the song.”

“Electric Rhythms - The song is light but still has energy. It combines elements of jazz, swing and pop. I like the diversity of style, instrumentation, and variety in percussion instruments most of all. The song is a good mix of more traditional instruments and more modern synth voices. It also migrates from jazzy to swingy and pop for an exciting musical ride.”

“Electric Rhythms - I am really digging the polypercussive jams lately, how they divide your brain with many rhythms going on at once. Really sets a nice, headnodding mood, for the samples to come in and slay. This has all the best parts of vintage hip hop, and jazz soulfulness. I like the call-and-response trumpet and flute. The bass sounds super sweet! I would definitely listen to this!”

“Electric Rhythms - The music to this song is unassuming, has a very slight and simple mix to the instrumentals. The variety of this song becomes apparent and has a depth to it. Having a wide range and full set of musical instrumentation, there`s a very diverse set of sounds in this tune. This is a performance that is natural and has a sense of accomplishment to it. This one has a nice easy going flow to it.”

“Electric Rhythms - I think these sounds are quite amazing. I love the harmony, how they all work together to make this just a pleasure to listen to. The tempo is full of energy. I dont know what to say, I have never heard something like this before. It has definitely caught my attention. Those bongo drums are fantastic. The different sounds in the beat are just awesome. Now a bass? Wow. Ok this is very good. Love the dynamics throughout. Good stuff. Thanks for sharing your music.”

“Electric Rhythms - This song has a jazz flair to it which is not my forte, but it is expertly crafted and the different instruments play off each other beautifully. I love the trumpet and the flute, coupled with the fast drum beat and piano make for an exciting arrangement and the harmonies, though different, blend wonderfully. The music is clearly difficult to play but sounds awesome together. The bongos are different in a great way and set it apart. This is great as just an instrumental piece and requires no lyrics to be appealing to the jazz audience of listeners.”

“Electric Rhythms - Nice driving force behind this song. Instrumentalists are well balanced. I like how this song constantly moves forward rather than stagnates. Nice little 70's disco feel mixed with a little lite-jazz. Nice driving music. This is something worth listening to more often.”

“Electric Rhythms - Sounds different then most songs. I havent really ever heard the instruments that are used. It adds variety in the song by adding a new beat every couple seconds. Its nice to have variety in a song so it doesnt bore the listener. This sounds like something you would listen to in a cafe. Sounds calming but also happy like you want to dance. I enjoy it. The recording quality is good, not fuzzy and does not skip. i think this could be a hit. good luck”

“Electric Rhythms - I love the organic swing of this track. It feels like a jazz fusion at times, then it will go in somewhat of a Brazilian groove with the bongos and all the instruments merging together.”

“Electric Rhythms - Intro to this song has a really fast beat. I like the finger popping coordinate with the intro. The melody the track carries has a sweet sound with all the instruments on one accord. This type of track would go well with a fast pace production to capture the audience attention. I can sense the artist of this song planned the arrangement very strategically. Very professionally put together. Hit and top of the chart.”

“Electric Rhythms - Sounds like a fun friendly song. Very nice beats to start. When the full music comes in you can hear the undertone of a full band playing with a great sound. Makes you want to dance and move along with it. I love how it sounds a bit messy but coordinated. The rhythm of the horns sounds great with the drums undertones. Melody on this is very good. The drums are powerful on this track and sound great. I love how this song changes as it progresses. Its amazing to hear and just close your eyes you can feel it”

“Electric Rhythms - This song had a great beginning, it reminded me a lot of the band Jet. The song threw me off a bit with the harmonic instruments, it ended up sounding like a background to a chase scene in a movie or cartoon. I thought the elements were harmonious and balanced each other out without overpowering any part of the song. There was a good mix of variety in this song and I found it very pleasant and appealing.”

“Electric Rhythms - An array of snapping fingers, horns, and a lot of unusual digital effects. Very jazzy track- its a little heavy on the keyboard but it does have a unique, distinct tone which fits with the unusual group of sound effects throughout the track. A lot of great musicians playing on this track- unless they are all fooling me and its synthesizer (no way!). The drum work is fabulous- the track has an intense energy, it keeps you guessing where its going or what sounds you'll hear next. Its not over the top but its unusual in that the artist went out of the way to put in so many various effects- along with all the horns, keyboard, drums you'd expect. It really meshed nicely. A great audio recording also helped a lot- a must for a track with this much happening.”

“Electric Rhythms - The intro wasn't that great but once the beat began then everything seemed to come alive. Maybe that's exactly what they wanted to achieve. There are several different instruments going on here. I hear the flute, drums, maybe congas as well? This piece is definitely full of lots of spice and excitement. By midway, I had fallen in love. The instruments took a different turn towards the end and confused me a bit but then got right back on the consistent and beautiful rhythm. This is great! You must appreciate the combination of instruments to fully enjoy a piece like this. No vocals are needed. There would be no room for them. I think this is a lovely piece and I would listen to it again! I especially enjoyed the bass.”

“Electric Rhythms - "The rapid melodies to begin offered a good musical hook, and the whistling instrument was balanced along with the stylish drum beats. The song's exciting and hip presence made it have some energetic elements."”

“Electric Rhythms - So we start with a very interesting intro with a series of rattles and add a whistle and a small brass section and bongo drums and we have a calypso style dance music with a tad bit of techno touch. It sounds really nice. Very good relaxing and morning music that you can dance to at night around a fire on the beach. The instrumentation is excellent, giving each instrument its own solo and time to shine and never becoming repetitive or annoying. Its actually incredibly fun and puts a big fat smile on your face and makes you want to get moving and grooving. And while it changes up every now and then the rhythm stays its course and doesn't interrupt itself like a well mixed, edited, and balanced instrumental piece should do. Great dance piece.”

“Electric Rhythms - This song is a very sophisticated jazz. There were times throughout the piece that it seemed on the verge of being a mess. However, the professional work by the players keeps everything in order and it works. The star is the instrumentation. The band uses a rich and complete variation of band instruments and selective drums. I definitely hear tribal and Latin influences with the drumming pattern. There are also some well done bass strings and other keyboard tones. Overall, this instrumental is a lot of fun to listen to. Commercial value can vary in the pop charts but as for it's instrumental category, an easy top 10.”

"Shortnin' Bread - This was pretty cool. I like how the artist has everything mixing together. The techno beat was nice and I think it would be good as some background song. I don't think it would be good as a stand alone but other than that it would be great."

"Shortnin' Bread - I really like that old school mc hammer touch to this song. Sounds like the rest of the song is going to be even better. Sometimes older touches make these new songs a top hit these days, not too mellow, which I like - gives the song a bit of character. The mix in studio beats selected just flow from one to another and sounds great. This could be a great tune to put in a movie to follow a certain act. I am very amazed. This is a great new hit here."

"Shortnin Bread - The opening beat is catchy. I enjoyed that bass line and piano intro. Almost exotic in a funky way. The song is catchy. It kind of reminds me of childhood. Like a weird remix of the 'Shortnin' Bread' song. It still makes me so happy. I find it unexpected, but I loved it."

"Shortnin' Bread - Love these sounds. They are so clear. The dynamics and the way they harmonize is amazing. This has good rhythm. I could feel the beat. I would like to hear it again sometime but dont know where."

"Shortnin' Bread - This seems to have an atmosphere about it. There`s a nice tone to this music, a really nice air about it. The instrumentals in it are a nice match for this song. It does grow on me. The variety of all the instruments stay on course and they stay very even. This is a song that is entertaining and precise."

"Shortnin' Bread - Very funky take on 'Mama's little baby loves shortening bread!' I like it! Right away the song sounded familiar. Drums are good...has a good beat. Lighter notes could use a little more umph! - but otherwise, it has a good groove."

"Shortnin' Bread - This song is pretty neat for one without any lyrics. It's something light and fun to just kind of jam to. It would be very interesting music to add to a score in a movie or tv series."

"Shortnin' Bread - The opening beat had me tapping along as soon as the song started. This would be a great song to walk to because of the constant upbeat nature of this song. I'm not one to listen to mainly instrumental music but I would purchase this song for my iPod for walking purposes."

"Shortnin' Bread - Wow this track is amazing! You have all different elements from keyboards to what sounds like a drum and the keyboards, and making the sound of a female singing - it really made me smile listening to this. It's refreshing when there isnt an actual singer and its all done by keyboards."

"Shortnin' Bread - Right from the beginning I enjoyed the drum and bass combination - it immediately grabbed my attention and had me moving in my chair. I enjoy the limited instruments used in this track, makes it a memorable 'easy listening' song."

"Shortnin' Bread - This song has a great beat to it, and the deep squirty noises made me smile. Its got a kind of optimism to its demeanor which just lifts you up just a little bit. The melody even carries the listener along on the crest of a wave of optimism."

“Electric Dance Remix - "This song is what's up. The trumpets and other instruments create a sound that is triumphant and fun. The melody in this song moves in a fresh way and is full of energy. This song is also random and that is what makes it so fresh."”

“Electric Dance Remix - "This song has a fast tempo and quite different choice of instruments for this style of music. The tempo slows down a bit about halfway through the song. It has a good rhythm and steady beat. There are many changes in the instruments during the song, which to me sets it apart. This song is definitely different."”

“Electric Dance Remix - "Those drums are really nice. Tribal and really great for dancing too. The saxophone is probably my favorite part of the song. The vocal sampling isn't bad, but it's a little repetitive. The change ups keep the song from being monotonous and are well placed. The beat boxing is a pretty cool touch, you don't hear many modern songs with it. I really like this track."”

“Electric Dance Remix - "This has a very funky sound. The rhythm is rather fast-paced. This has great potential as a dance track. The beatboxing shows skill. It's interesting how the song changes tempo. The synthesizer sounds good, but it would sound better if played on a real horn. The organ gives it a jazzy feel. I can picture doing shoulder spins to this."”

“Electric Dance Remix - "This song is one that you don't hear everyday. I did not relate to every aspect of this song but the song is pretty interesting. I liked how the song has an interesting rhythm and overall the song is pretty likable for sure! I also enjoyed how this song seems to combine a lot of different genres and musical elements it seemed to me!"”

“Electric Dance Remix - I loved this style! This song sounds like jazz and funk combined and the lyrics compliment it so greatly. The tune itself is just very vibrant, strong and uplifting. The melody made me want to move around and dance along to it. I love the beats as they were clear and precise. Everything from the voice of the artist to the music itself was phenomenal. Hearing this song was truly amazing.”