Komondor / Press

“Fresh out of the bullpen comes Komondor, a maniac trifecta hailing from Kingston, New York, featuring the children of tininitus Lazlo (bass/vocals), Mawt (guitar), and Phil (drums), playing the deranged, distorted jams of yore. The trio doesn’t just draw from Am-Rep and Touch n’ Go acts though, but instead dip their hands into some rich, doom-pay dirt and stoner rock riffage, while still delivering the kind of intense, guitar hysterics, and over-amplified rhythms that their main stylistic focus needs to succeed. There are also some unique melodic bits, and fierce, surprisingly distinctive vocal snarls rounding out the mix, that really makes ‘em stick out if you ask me. Overall, the band sounds intensely focused on this awesomely named debut (A Giant is Coming and The Giant Will Kill You, what a title!), and I’m frankly quite shocked that they’ve only been around about a year or so!”

“Komondor create a fairly unpleasant, yet brilliantly controlled and focused racket that feels a bit like Cult of Luna covering Harvey Milk songs. Despicable sludge-metal overload that I strongly recommend.”

“Boasting a nasty sound and even nastier attitude, New York slingers Komondor crotch-thrust out of the gate with a collection of sonically cruel headfuckery they’re calling A Giant is Coming and the Giant is Going to Kill You. Their tunes, available for biting into on any number of internet platforms, are short bursts of sludgy ultra-aggression, bent angular by their riffs and made ugly and mean by drum thuds and throaty growled vocals... very angry, very mean and very heavy. Good for isolation, bad for a party, probably killer when I’m drunk at the show. No complaints. Welcome to the radar, dudes.”

“The music is catchy, demented and soaked in a bass-heavy sludge. The lyrics match, telling tales of conquest, torture and Deep Purple cover bands that are as wacky as they are fascinating. That’s one of Komondor’s strengths: they maintain a sense of humor without ever casting themselves as some retarded parody group. Komondor’s music sounds kind of like a mixture of noise rock, stoner and sludge, and it works because the band has a penchant for memorable passages and the ability to rock. Lazlo’s vocals are Komondor’s trump card. He favours a tuneless sing-growl, and I don’t think the guy hits a single note over the course of the album. That’s a good thing. He reminds me in many ways of the best nasal noise pioneers. I don’t think Komondor will appeal to anyone who is dead-set against noise rock, but they can hardly be blamed for that. For those of us that do love it, here’s another great new band. It’s no Atomizer, but I’d remain optimistic for their future. ”