"He refuses to sell his music, so it's close to impossible to gauge the net worth of Koly Kolgate as a musician, however it is very obvious that he is a wealthy man when it comes to talent. "

Pitchfork Media - Pitchfork

"..he really has saved his best work for last..." - On "FREEdumb"

AllHipHop.Net - AllHipHop.Net

“Koly Kolgate is better than MGK!”

Jess - 3 Fat Guys Talking About Metal

"Koly Kolgate is definitely on his way to the top of the game, with a style unlike anyone else and the talent to back it up he is truly a star in the making"

"KOLGATE is the future of hip-hop, and I don't even think he knows it."

Trinity Hollister - MTV

“Kolgate, a Cleveland native who’s on a steady hustle, and grind. With 2 previously released albums, Kolgate is preparing do more in the near future. With songs like “216“, and “It Takes A Village“, Kolgate pays homage to his city, and neighborhood through out his music, while expressing true emotion. Not your average artist, delivering a unique ‘alternative’, influenced hip-hop vibe"”