Kohoutek (US) / Press

“guitar delayed and effect-pedalled into oblivion such that he can play a minimal, tribal bassline against what sounds like a deep organ vamp from a 30-minute late 60s electric Miles mind bender against runs of virtuosity that sound like Charlie Christian pitch-shifted and run through a black hole. Verrastro starts with his signature found object patter and cymbal scrapes which give way to a tweaking Elvin Jones impression which coalesces into a late-Unwound Sara Lund gallop.”

“definitely inspired. Jackie-O Motherfucker crossed with Emeralds. Solid stuff. Also released on vinyl (a nice creamsicle model - milky white and vivid orange). And great cover artwork (spot the frog!)”

“a heady blend of trippy psychedelia and drony meditation... The flip side is a different beast: noisy, momentum-gathering, beat-driven, jam-inflected...”

“Their "anything goes" approach to psych rock puts them in the same experimental camp as bands like Sunburned Hand Of The Man...surreal, free jazz influenced soundscapes. Think Claude Debussy composing on too much of Woodstock's fabled brown acid, or Bitches Brew on some serious downers, and you're in the right ballpark.”

“Pelt-like ambiance built into free jazz then into hard psyche rock, back to psyche free jazz and finished with a rock out. Good stuff Check it out. And, as usual, if this band opens, expect a good headliner.”