Knoxie-Ty / Press

“I love your song "Destruction and Corruption" because that's the same thing that I think about on a daily basis. It's sad that there are few rappers like yourself. Keep up the good work, and may your music continue to grow and reach the masses so that the world might wake up.”

Dee Jay El

“really like the 'Letter To Nobody' tune it's taken me too long to realize certain things in life which you have so much maturity and understanding of ur a genuine role model not just what you teach and your lyrics but your voice and talent I really think you are up there with Nneka, india arie, TLC... I hope all is well God bless x”

Becca Katurah

“Knoxie's got soul, lazer beam flow, silk on the vocals, danger-level punchlines and crazy incredible potential, What's unique about Knoxie isn't that she's a girl that can rap, it's that she is a rapper who writes meaningful lyrics”

Historian Himself

“I love watching your videos because your bars are on always on point. Just wanted to show my apprecation for your lyricism. I'm glad to see the female emcee still lives on”

Lizzo Dynasty

“If I was a girl youd make me proud to be a girl. You give girls strength through you----ideas and words to think differently. Respect women. "I dont rap about sucking dick, or showing my ass/ Im not high class, but I do have class"”


“I just started listenin 2 more of your music I think R.F.R. is my favorite track of yours it's a great song & your an excellent lyrisist of course I wouldn't anything different anyway I just feel you really ripped it on that song your truly 1 of the best out there period no gender pun needed.”

Krusher Killer

“A positive sister with real skills. Hip Hop needs more Female MC's like this.”

Astronaut Lady

“the sister has swagger big up knoxie london hears you”

Wax Beef 8

“REAL rap is back”


“damn girl your lyrics are dope youre mad ill!!”

Come Correct

“Much props Sis...stay elevatin and decapitating these lames...”

Majestic Originality

“Peace and Respect sista. It's refreshing to hear real hiphop, you are truly gifted.”

Omniverse Dimensions

“girl you are puttin it down for the female rappers...Your freestyle over D.O.A is too fly..girl your dope keep it up we need some female rappers in the game real talk”


“Knoxie...that RFR video is insane!!! I would have to say...regardless of gender, you're my favorite unsigned rapper. Much love and respect!!!”

Tykwon Flow

“i cant get enough of this women real talk....I NEED MORE”


“I see where your Heart is and its your Music which is "Great"....your the realest, most down to earth rapper and I will always be your friend,Fan,and #1 Supporter”

Tiffany S. Jones

“you got flows!! Sick Rhymes and delivery. An example of a real emcee.”