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“One of the few, and the proud, original Max's Kansas City punk bands, who never got signed to Sire, in Seymour Stein's urgent stampede to efficiently convert all those Bowery inhabiting derelicts into skinny tied new wave money makers, was THE KNOTS. My generation mostly knows them because of New Bomb Turks cover of their quintessential, "Action" 45. After Joey's various tours of duty in other bands in NYC and Florida including Pleasure Pirates, Brooklyn Trash, the Dogs, etc., ex KNOTS members; both songwriters, Joey Pinter, and bassist Tony Coiro, hooked up with former Heartbreaker, Walter Lure and NYC drummer, Charlie Sox, to form Downtown's favorite partyband, the WALDOS.”

“(Last Laugh) Goddam this is good! 1980 NYC punk from an era when power pop/pop punk could still sound menacing. How the 90s pop-punkers so bizarrely misinterpreted the Ramones to make catchy punk nasal and impotent still confounds me almost 20 years later. If only Joey Pinter's band had made it big, as their ridiculously awesome song "Action" should have ensured, maybe the punk world woulda been a better place. This reissue is historical and hysterical and perfectly presented. You need this.”

“His garagey street-punk band, THE KNOTS, “almost” signed to a major, back when Seymour Stein was scoopin’ up all the sleazy Bowery bands like the Deadboys. The Knots had much in common with the Deadboys, Dictators, Ramones, Heartbreakers, and Boston’s Real Kids. They made one of the quintessential 45′s of the era, and boasted one of the best songwriting guitar-players on the scene. It’s a cruel trick of bad timing and hard luck that PINTER isn’t always spoken about in the same reverent tones reserved for his more famous brethren-guys like Chuck Berry, Johnny Ramone, Keith Streng, or Cheetah Chrome. Pinter’s dangerous, volatile, emotional guitar playing is in league with all of rock’n'roll’s most elite vanguard.”

“The A-Side "Heartbreaker" opens with warm, slightly distorted chords with a big compressed echo on the vocals. It's got an early '80s super pop sound, but a gritty solo drags this back to the 70’s throwing gravel all over this shiny beginning. It’s even sounding glam with this layered vocal with all of the attitude on that sleeve photo. Crazy synth bleeerps in at the end of this, sealing up that cars sound*. (Go read that interview at ATB for the story on this – ed) B-Side’s "Action” has a great riff to kick this off, easily the better of the two in my book, somehow clearer and driving right down the highway center line of glam punk. This is a mostly punk, stripped down guitar that you don't need effects on a melody this great. The chorus 'all I wanted was ACTION baby' is killer, the hand claps and solo… it completely rocks headbands and all, simultaneously tough a”

“The story of this 1980 pop punk powerhouse has been well covered in Roctober, so dig out your back issues, but if you don't feel like reading then just grab this faithful reproduction/reissue and enjoy two of the nastiest, most magically punk injections. I am not a Killed By Deathy historian, but I think the A-side is what makes Joey P's New York record a zillion dollar eBay offering, but for my money "Action" is one of the wickedest wreck and roll whipsnaps of all ever. It sounds like Devo trying to do Germs/Dead Boys/Black Flag badass punk. So good!”

“Nat records says: September 25, 2006 at 3:40 am SPLASH 4 covered KNOTS “Action” from their 3rd 7″ B-side in ’96! KNOTS is one of the best NYC Punk 7″, ever!”

““They said, ‘What comes first -- your girlfriend or the band?’” Pinter recalls. “I said, ‘The band, of course.’ And they said, ‘OK, you can sleep over there.’ And they threw a mattress down in a corner.” ”

“Don’t know much about these guys except they where from New York. Got this awesome 7″ in a trade with Justin at collectorscum.com if my memory serves me right. Heartbreaker is equally great so all in all this is a solid release that seems to be very hard to find. Enjoy! Nat records says: September 25, 2006 at 3:40 am SPLASH 4 covered KNOTS “Action” from their 3rd 7″ B-side in ’96! KNOTS is one of the best NYC Punk 7″, ever! ”

“It's also very difficult to find, especially for a big-city record with a nicely printed and glued sleeve. About a half-dozen copies came out of the woodwork recently when a "Major" (pun intended, for the three of you who get the reference) psych collector/dealer found them in old stock he had and slowly disposed of them via eBay, but otherwise it rarely turns up. The band labeled the record as a double-A side ("A" and "AA" to be exact) and unlike most claims that way, they were right. The song's admittedly hurt a bit by the synth intro, which comes back to haunt the tail-end of the song, but Heartbreaker is still a good one.”