Knockout Kid / Press

“Knockout Kid will be going on their record release tour this April with Head North. If you're able to help with booking the remaining shows, contact the band on bookingKOK@gmail.com. Click the Read More… link to view tour dates and venues.”

“Knockout Kid has released their first music video, for Interstate, which is also taken from their upcoming album, It Comes With The Job Description, out March 26th. Click the Read More… link to watch the video.”

“Knockout Kid's official debut album, It Comes With The Job Description, is out today and can be found on Bandcamp. CD copies will also be available in the near future. Click the Read More… link to stream the album.”

“After offering a glimpse into the new and revived line-up with the recent The Callback EP, Knockout Kid set out to capitalise with their official debut full-length, It Comes With The Job Description. Old fan-favourite and opener Hoop Dreams starts the record off with the infectious refrains of "thank you for the inspiration, curtains close and onto the next one...", injecting the record from the get of with a promise of triumph. …Is A Dead Man another old favourite also sees a bold return. The first two tracks are only a fraction of the number of re-recorded renditions of old songs within Knockout Kid’s catalogue that vocalist Wade Hunt breathes new life into. Catalina is the first of several new songs on It Comes With The Job Description. The track also sees the band stray into an overt hardcore-orientated sound. Drunken Nights and Mall Fights is a bright track on the record and envelopes some of the softer moments on A Day To Remember’s Homesick. The chorus of "we’ve got no”

"On Jan. 8th, 2013, Knockout Kid released their new digital EP, "The Callback" via THC:Music/INgrooves/Fontana and is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Bandcamp, and all other major online music retailers. "The Callback" EP serves as a teaser to the band's highly-anticipated full length album, "It Comes With The Job Description" which will hit stores WORLDWIDE and available online through all major music retailers 3/26/13." *FOR FANS OF: Four Year Strong, Fall Out Boy, A Day To Remember, New Found Glory*

“If you're looking for a band which an abundance of high energy, talent, and ability to draw out a huge crazy crowd, then look no further than Chicago's very own Knockout Kid! In my professional judgment, Knockout Kid is a pretty flawless band, a band that everyone will know and love from the moment you play their first song. Words can't describe how fierce their music is. Their instrumentals alone is like being tackled by a lion at full force in the desert. The vocals are unique, nothing like you have ever heard before. The first image that come to my mind is a Bald Eagle soaring in the sky, screaming right before he dives down to snag a fish out of the water. Everything about their music is fast, majestic, and beautiful. This is a MUST listen to band if you do not already know them! Listen. Love. Support The Unsung Heroes!”

“Knockout Kid have been around since Spring 2010, but the Pop Punk/Hardcore group re-emerged last year with a new vocalist, formerly of A Face For Radio, at full-speed. Tomorrow, the band will release their new EP, The Callback, as well as their new full-length, It Comes With The Job Description, via THC Music/INgrooves Fontana on March 26th, featuring various re-recordings from 2011's Your Name All Over It.”

“Lyrically, the release is above par, managing to avoid common clichés that many bands depend on. While they’re not exactly lyric poets, it’s quite refreshing that they seem to put a bit of thought into their wording. They manage to combine each part of the genre successfully, and extremely likeably. On whole, the EP just makes the listener feel stoked, and while it might not exactly be very cool to like, the release is the perfect un-guilty pleasure.”

“Today we're debuting a new Knockout Kid song called "Wake Me Up When We're Underwater." As a Christmas present, the band is giving it away for free today only on Bandcamp. The band's new EP, The Callback EP, will be released via THC Music/INgrooves Fontana on January 8th. Head to the replies to check out the track and leave your thoughts as well.”

“Casting Call and Knockout Kid are going on tour. You can view the dates in the replies. In addition, Casting Call is offering both of the band's EPs, Life Goes On and Values, free of charge on Bandcamp. Knockout Kid has announced Wade Hunt as its new singer and posted a new song called "How The Midwest Was Won" on Facebook.”