Knobs / Press

“Sleeper Cell Music is going VIRAL and bringing for his first & only stop in the U.S. on his world tour, Italian Techno phenom...KNOBS, with a 2 hr Live set. Get ready to be infected with some of the most grueling, imaginative and raw sounds yet to be experienced by your DNA.”

“Knobs aka Diego Simonetti, am 24. Juni 1985 in Rom geboren, ist ein echter Kosmopolit. Er lebte und reiste ins Ausland, in Länder wie Afrika, Kanada, USA, China oder die Schweiz, und kam 2003 schließlich zurück nach Rom. Dort kaufte er sich seinen ersten Drumcomputer und begann das Spiel mit Klängen das ihn von dort an nicht mehr loslassen sollte. Er experimentierte mit verschiedenen Genres der elektronischen Musik von Trip Hop, Breakbeat, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, und Hardtechno, aber seit 2008 hat er seine persönliche Linie und Leidenschaft gefunden. Minimal und Techno! Mittlerweile erscheint er auf verschiedenen Labels wie Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Flux Recordings, Smallroom Music, The-Zone Records, Clonk Records, Etui Records oder Gynoid:Audio. Das dies nicht von ungefähr kommt, wird er bei seiner Stuttgart Premiere am 04. November in der Finca zeigen! Fr. 04/11 – 23:00 – Finca www.finca-stuttgart.de”

“Knobs - Filthy EP After the heavy industrial sounds of Raphael Acohen's “Bring It!”, Flux Digital gets right back to work with its next release from Italian upstart Knobs. Hailing from Rome, Italy, Knobs is a relatively new name on the techno scene, but someone who has quickly established himself as a name to watch out for, with releases on Nachstrom Schallplatten and Clonk plus many more in the works. The 3 track EP for Flux Digital has been doing some damage in Chris's sets for a few months now. Knobs pulls off a tightly crafted killer in “BumBumBumBum”, using devastatingly creative FX before heading into the bass-heavy percussive workout of “Filthy Bitch” and ending with the charmingly titled “Fuckatron”, These are wicked DJ tools from a star of the future, trust us!!”

“[Knobs - Red Blood (This Reality EP) - Nachtstrom Schallplatten]: Also available on vinyl, the latest release of Knobs (dj and producer at a big rise) becomes appreciate at any point of view: aesthetic (the brilliant yellow vinyl), graphic (the red cover and black sweeps over you with all the fear that sometimes inspires the techno) and contents. Yes, because after having scrutinized, smelled and discarded, put it on a nice plate. With eight minutes of ghostly voices and hallucinated sirens will carry you into the hell of Dante of any dancefloor!”

“KNOBS – THREE EP [CLONK RECORDS] Knobs è tornato su Clonk! Incredibile 10° release … tre brani di puro buon suono groove… molti grandi artisti internazionali suonano le sue tracce .. Knobs è il nuovo talento del momento, direttamente da Roma… tre sono le tracks… Tre sono le sue release su Clonk… tre è il titolo! Grande!”