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“First time I seen [klondike5] was at the very first Center Of The Universe Festival. So much fun, and their magic had me dancing my a** off. After the show I went to a couple of their after parties. Yes- I was the guy that became known as, the guy in the red shirt. #CofUFest”

“You all crushed it this year and we were HAPPY you came back!”

“A crazy-eyed bluegrass collective picking and grinning their way through the classics.”

“Klondike5 String Band's stripped-down, but wild, performance brought a piece of Appalachia to downtown Tulsa Friday night. It offered a welcome contrast to the electronic trappings found in most of the evening's headliners. The community that this band created onstage borrowed from a front-porch tradition. The crowd packed in Soundpony bumped right up to this front porch in what turned out to be a noisy gathering of neighbors, all lifting up collective yelps of familiarity. The anthem of klondike5, however, was not a bucolic country cheer, but an earthy wail of endurance. Many songs borrowed from old gospel tunes and offered playful accounts of spiritual practices or rural rituals, as in "Cluck ol' hen." The spunky narratives pulled plenty of energy from Eric Fransen's fiddle work. The string players alternated lead vocals. Matt Skelton's textured voice brought backwoods tales to life with grit and humor, as in "Nail that Catfish to a Tree." Carmen Skelton's warbling voice, on the ...”

“Friday, March 20, 2015 10:30pm 11:30pm Matt, Carmen, Eric, Victor and Ted are bringing the feel of the great outdoors, inside! Put on your best overalls, jean shorts, tank tops, cowboys hats, flip flops, sandals... awww, country hippie clothes and come out and stomp it out for a bit with the best bluegrass band in the state.”

“KL-5's sheer commitment to the genre along with their astonishing musicianship will instantly win over bluegrass traditionalists, but newgrass fans will find this song wonderfully palatable too.”

“Thank you so much for playing at the Paseo Arts Festival this year. You brought something different & of such high quality to the festival~ I knew as soon as I heard you all after the Yonder show in Tulsa that OKC would love you & was happy to see that you already had a huge following after "liking" you on Facebook. :) Everyone had such a great time dancing (including me!) & listening to your great sound. I wish you all the best & hope to catch a show of yours soon! Sincerely, Amy Y. Music Committee PAF”

Amy Y. - Paseo Arts Fesitival

“Klondike 5 String Band was the entertainment. As always, they put on a really good show. They were lyrical, melodious, bread fight-starting, musicians extraordinaire!”

"...this talented and fun band. Everyone was tapping their feet, or clapping their hands, or drumming their fork in rhythm with the lively music. Most of all, everyone was smiling and laughing. Klondike 5 has a way of engaging the audience with their humor, carefree attitude, and smiles...."

“Tonight (Dec. 23) Klondike 5 String Band and Good Sir help celebrate Christmas Eve Eve with a hootenanny of a good time at Soundpony (409 N. Main). There is a dearth of events tonight – or at least ones that do not involve reliving the four most painful years of your life (read: high school). Lose the reunion party and head to where the sweet sounds of mountain madness induced by Eric Fanzen’s homemade, whiskey-still, banjo playing makes you hallucinate you’re in the Adirondacks with Cleetus and Daryl. Seriously, great night of music with a band that knows not to turn their amps up to 11 in Soundpony’s bouncy-wall cavern.”

“Tulsa's hottest bluegrass band”

“Victor Wandres (right), the bassist for the band klondike5, talks with Billie Tosh and Joe Labossiere after Wandres' set Friday at Fassler Hall during FreeTulsa in the Blue Dome District. Tosh and Labossiere said they have followed klondike5 around and go to almost all their local shows.”

“They are very good.”

"folk-bluegrass-psychobilly hoedown"

“worth checking out”

“Allow me to specify, local bands that aren’t terrible.... Klondike 5 is one of the only shows in town if you like bluegrass AND beer..."”

“... Klondike 5 String Band stomps around the Soundpony Lounge (409 N. Main) tonight as well. They have become a bluegrass institution around these parts. And it won’t make your ears bleed like some bands that need to play loud to cover up the fact they don’t know what they are doing. ...”