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" Sufficiently overwrought. " " I think I saw Klaymore open for Richie Blackmore's Rainbow in 1979 at the Baltimore Civic Center. If not, I wish I did."

Vermin Supreme (Political Activist/Satirist) - Private Facebook Message

“Shredding metal from Butler County. Klaymore runs the gamut from slow, stoner-y riffage to speedy thrash, and isn't afraid to strip it down to rock basics now and then. Sometimes the lyrics feel a little forced, in comparison with the laid-back nature of the jams, but on the whole it's a good sophomore effort.”

“Klaymore has been writing some blistering old skool metal that and breathing some much needed life into a genre that grew increasingly stale and bitter. Klaymore combines an upbeat metal assault with intelligent lyrics. The aggressiveness of Megadeth, the guitar chops of Iron Maiden, the sonic landscaping of RUSH, with just a pinch of Blue Osyter Cult's sense of humor.”

"Overall, I dig it." "I'm not crazy about the production. [The kick drum] sounds like a plastic bucket, not a piece of wood." "I love the vocals. The lyrics are great too." "You guys rule."

Luc Carl talking about the song Queen of Nightmares and It's Alive in general - Sirius XM Satellite Radio

"The second release from Pennsylvanian sleaze/thrash metallers ‘Klaymore’ has – well – took me by surprise. From start to finish the influences of Guns’ N’ Roses, Iron Maiden and Dream Theater are overwhelming in this cocktail of surprises that’s littered with amazing guitar work." "In this decade of metal bands having resorted to growls and scream and tunings of which gives you the impression of what the word ‘gone off’ would sound like – that would be it. But who needs modern metal when these guys have got the riffs, power and sheer brilliance to blow most bands out of the water?" "4/5 stars"

"These guys are giving us classic, straight forward heavy metal." "World on Fire and Swallowing Razors (Fade Away), are solid heavy metal tracks with great twin guitar solos." "It’s Alive, which bursts into the speakers without holding anything back, proving that everyone in the band is in great shape." "[It's Alive] is well received and has a couple of killer riffs and vocal lines, an astounding rhythm section and truly great solos with twin guitars, which, for me, was the best part of the whole album, so go check them out. " "4/5 stars"

"[It's Alive] is a good collection of songs to be proud of, and certainly to continue on with. 3.5/5 stars"

"It’s Alive is a fun listen, mostly because one can tell the players are having fun with what they’re doing. [Queen of Nightmares] just sounds like something that would be fun to rock out to. 3.5/5 stars"

“Klaymore, a heavy metal four piece band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, really exemplifies the fact that true metal will never die. As soon as I started listening to their music, I immediately said to myself, "Man, this really sounds a lot like Metallica or Megadeth!" This held true for all of their songs. However, the song that stood out to me was Matriarch. A great melody, and blazing fast guitar show that this band really means business. If Klaymore is as good as they sound on their upcoming album, "It's Alive", which comes out in the next 2 to 3 weeks, then getting to some of their live shows are a must. I hope Klaymore will always continue in making awesome music, because I really like their sound.”

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