Klairkia / Press

“Do you have a favorite musical project that you’ve worked on? Currently working on my EP “Dollhouse” It’s my debut collection of all of my recent work. The concept derrived from me being a little girl and the ability I had with my imagination to do anything, be anything, in my doll house. All of the rooms had different potential. In the closet I could be the queen of the runway, in the bedroom you could do naughty things, or in the kitchen you could be miss goody goody. With this project I intend to take my fans through the various rooms in Klairkia’s house, and how her different personalities come out in each room. It’s going to be very dope!!”

“This Oakland Raised songstress is more then just a singer, Klair Kia brings talent to you from every direction. She is a singer, songwriter, dancer and actress that in her own words "is ready to take the pop world by storm." She is currently pushing her new single "Who's Bad" which is a hot club ready ladies anthem that is sure to get you on the dance floor.”

“Klarikia,interesting name have no idea what nationality she is but love her songs .never heard her before this is a great song for a movie soundtrack or a fashion show, tv show, commercial.. i love it!... lady gaga madonna Ke$ha Britney Spears Jennifer Lopez fans will love this song!”

“Superstar Madonna started the original Material Girl Movement on November 30th, 1984. Superstar in the making, Klair Kia along side producer, Divine Young decided to revamp that movement and give it new life.”

“The official commercial teaser from the "Material Girl" herself Klairkia. Follow on twitter/ instagram @klair_kia”

“Well we've all been a bad girl either once or twice in our lives and giggle at the mere thought of all the bad things we have kept secret. Here's one lady that's flaunting it, in her new video KlairKia presents "Who's Bad".”

“The first thing that struck me about her was how beautiful and personable she was, and the next thing was how DRIVEN she was. I mean, my god, this girl has a gift and she's going to let the world know about it, no matter what.”

“I would have to say that the record is “Sassitude” at its finest, sassy with attitude. I wanted to write a club record that girls could shake their tooshies to, yet still have an underlying message that was positive.”