KINDER / Press

“Hi Kinder, Your songs like "lighthouse" and "blinded" are flat out amazing. Your tracks have a production quality that can be used for demos to get on large tours. I noticed that a friend on Facebook (I wish I could remember the name) had liked your band site so I clicked on it and gave you a listen. I'm damn happy I did. WOW :) To familiarize yourself with me click the link below or do a search for "Jim Rose Circus". http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jim-Rose-Circus/73911349699 I will be sending out about 15 emails to artists that I like. Bands are in different phases of careers but I'm sure about 15 emails is all I will need to send out to narrow down to a couple of right fits. That's all I want to work with this year. I'm only able to dedicate my efforts with a couple of artists at a time to get them on well paying bigger tours and festivals.”

Jim Rose Circus

“Hey I want to get you guys on a Battle of the Bands were having @ Downtown Music Hall on August 28th. ”

Gorilla Music Cleveland

“I’m a A and R with www.HypeVolume.com, we do social proof marketing for indie artists...ne ways. I was on Reverbnation and I came across ya page. I played Blinded and I like it, cool song. ”


“Man, "Livin' on the edge" is outstanding! Excellent structure, vibe and amazing lyrics, vocals, riffs, bass and drums! ”

Rocko & JV

"Lighthouse" original style rocks hard. Awesome guitar leads and development. LA best wishes Kinder.

Chuck Brunicardi

“Enjoyed listening to "Midnight Cowboy." Great music and vocals. Best wishes! K. C. Beckmann”

K. C. Beckmann

“Your 20 plus years of experience fully shows!..Love the material!..Hammer, 12, D'Blues...hell , all of it!..Amazing keep up the great work!”


“Cool creative tracks and talent! Wish you much success with your music! ”


“Hi, great vibe you have happening here! Hope you're having a fantastic week!”

The Judes

“Hey Kinder, Gotta Show My UK Love & Support 2 ur Page,.Bless u, ”

Charleena x

“ Hey great stuff ....Really diggin' it ALOT ............. CHEERS, TC ”

Artist - Temple Creek

“Just come across your page / l listened & Became a Fan”

Titus Cheatham

“my hats off to ya . i like the sound and will put the word out to all the ppl out here in oklahoma. keep it REAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ”

Fan - Bryen Robison



“Just stopped by to listen to your music. Cool rock sound,especially like the vocals and the songwriting.”


“Great sound, loving it. CHEERS from CANADA”

FINGERS X'D ( fingers crossed )