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"Next up on 6th at The Lodge were Dallas Fort-Worth indie rockers Kites and Boomerangs, playing in a window display for passers by, the band intertwined wide instrumental breaks and tight-knit verses. Reminiscent of Incubus and other alt bands from the Aughts, a crowd gathered on the sidewalk to watch, as the quartet transitioned into a cover of “Hold On” by the Alabama Shakes."

"Fort Worth foursome Kites and Boomerangs — vocalist/guitarist William Appleton, vocalist/bassist Eoin Donovan, keyboardist/guitarist Jason Ramirez and drummer Hagen Hauschild — classifies its music as “eclectic indie rock,” which is as succinct a way of describing the dizzying melange of musical moods tumbling through the three tracks found on the band’s new EP, Me and You, and You, and You. Although the songs often evoke carefree cartwheels, it’s evident Kites and Boomerangs is stacked with serious players — the intricate percussion threaded through Indianapolis Jones provides a tart counterpoint to the song’s chiming guitar riff — making this act one to watch."

"There’s this subset of indie rock that takes a cue from Graceland-era Paul Simon, copping the classic’s world-beat pretensions and sunny melodies to create the kind of bouncy optimistic pop that sounds ready-made for ACL side-stages. Think: bands like Givers and Vampire Weekend (and to a more hacky-sacking extent Rusted Root), and you’ve kind of got an idea of where Arlington/Keller quartet Kites & Boomerangs are coming from. And yet Kites & Boomerangs are kind of their own thing. Curiosity definitely shares Vampire Weekend’s trebly enthusiasm, but the album sounds more earnest than precious; maybe it’s the DIY bedroom sonics, or maybe it’s the warm, growly bass and rollicking time changes that make this rock more than you’d expect. The jangly guitar lead and reggaeish tom fills of opener “Pastel Sky” skip over a bassline that wouldn’t be offended if you wanted to call it Al. If you can get around the fact that “Mystery Pie” sounds like a reggae song from a th

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